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Wakeboard Bindings Mojito

View detailed description Wakeboard Pack, DUP 2016

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Summer 2016

DUP SDR 2016

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Wakeboard Board DUP SDR

The SDR is here. 

A collaboration between Manu Rupp and Dublu resident artist, wakeboard legend and good friend of DUP, Mark “Turtle” McNamara. 

After coming across to DUP earlier in 2015, and testing out the entire board line – Manu found his ideal set up. Using the Venture mold we created a unique flex profile that fuses Manu’s style with DUP’s bombproof design elements. 

Not resting on board design alone, Manu also wanted the art to be unique to his new pro model. Working with good friend Mark “Turtle” McNamara the process was free flowing and it shows in the final result. 

We give you the S.D.R. 

Numbers are strictly limited to 100 units worldwide. Get into your local store today and pre order for 2016. 

Product Name
Product price
£346.30  instead of  £494.76
Specs Wakeboard Board DUP SDR
Year 2016

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Flex Board
• Yes
• Cable
• 3 Stage Rocker
Specific trick base
• Yes
• Intermediate to advanced

Manufacturer info :

Wake Board I Construction

  • 100% Paulonia Timber Core
  • Polyurethane Side Walls
  • Dyna Base II  :

    Sliders protectors, better glide on water

  • 600 Gram Tri Axle Fibreglass
  • Flatline Construction  :

    Flat zone that's more or less wide on the base. Stabler on park features, more pop.

  • V Hull  :

    V-shape base for softer landings and poppier ollies.

Wake Board ı Rocker

  • Three Stage Rocker  :

    For a straight up pop behind the boat, and catch-free transitions in the parks, this rocker style works great in both worlds.

Specific trick base

  • Yes


  • Intermediate to advanced

Wakeboard Bindings DUP Mojito

The Mojito is the new standard in bindings, focusing on three points; Style, function and support. Full remove-able liner with waffle sole, for ultimate fit and greater connection to your board. The nylon overlay now features a fully customisable Velcro closure that, not only gives the Mojito a unique look, but also provides protection from day to day use. Stage 2 chassis with DUPs signature 84/16 nylon to fibreglass blend for that perfect combination of response and flex. Also incorporated are the key ingredients that DUP bindings have been known for, Dual Density Eva, Neoprene flex zones and perfect fit. 

Product Name
DUP Mojito
Product price
£269.80  instead of  £385.56
Specs Wakeboard Bindings DUP Mojito
Year 2016
Sizes 7-8 (39-40)




Wake Bindings ı Technologies
• Lycra Lined Dual Density EVA

• Stage 2 Chassis

• Tri Velcro Closure

• Closed Toe Design

• Flex Neoprene zones

• Toe Box

• Velcro
Binding types
• Closed
• Soft

Manufacturer info :

Wake Bindings ı Technologies

  • Stage 2 Chassis  :

    DUPs signature 84/16 nylon to fibreglass blend for that perfect combination of response and flex.

  • Closed Toe Design  :

    More hold and more control than open toe. Feet are protected from the cold.

  • Flex Neoprene zones  :

    Neoprene zones are located by the articulated area. They ensure a better flex and therefore more comfort and durability.

  • Lycra Lined Dual Density EVA  :

    The liner is made of a dual density EVA foam guranteeing longer comfort and hold. It's coated with Lycra fibers for a softer and smoother contact with the foot.

  • Toe Box  :

    Pre-shaped toes in the foam for a more effective support. You get a more comfortable feel.

  • Tri Velcro Closure  :

    Easy access and super quick exits without compromosing fit and feel.


  • Velcro

Binding types

  • Closed
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