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Wakeboard suit Isis Semidry 3/2 Blue


View detailed description Wakeboard suit, Ion 2016

The ultimate wakeboard suit for women riders. This ION Isis Semidry 3/2 Blue features a comfortable fit and many innovative features enhancing freedom of movement and heat retention.

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Wakeboard suit Ion Isis Semidry 3/2 Blue

The ultimate suit for surf chicks with a shed load of flow! The front zip creates a stylish vibe while the sophisticated panel layout completes the smooth ISIS AMP. High-tech features - including the new and reduced Single Seam in the lower leg - give mind blowing freedom of movement. Durable and warm, you'll fall in love with this suit the moment you touch the water. 

Product Name
Ion Isis Semidry 3/2 Blue
Product price
£135.90  instead of  £194.27
Specs Wakeboard suit Ion Isis Semidry 3/2 Blue
Year 2016
Sizes XS - M




• Seams Reinforcements

• Drain Holes

• L-Tex Protection

• Contour Cut

• Key Loop

• Seal Tite (Collar)


Manufacturer info :


  •  :

    A leaf-like assymetrical shape eye catcher.

  • Contour Cut  :

    In order to improve mobility and comfort, all ION wetsuits come with Contour_Cut. It enhances the flexibility in collar, wrist, ellbow, instep and the hollow of the knee.

  • Drain Holes  :

    All wetsuits with Water_Gate batwing panels have little holes on the lower back part. Water which enters through the back zipper can leak out easily and thereby the back area is kept dry. These Drain_Holes are also placed at the calves which prevent the water from getting stuck in the legs.

  •  :

    Nicely curved single seam lower leg.

  • Key Loop  :

    All ION wetsuits are now equipped with a clever keypocket with elastic safety loop on your calf, arm or other places depending on the model (please only store water resistant keys in this pocket to avoid damage).

  • L-Tex Protection  :

    Highly abrasion resistant rubber protection printings on the knee panels. Nervertheless the according ION Flex_Control zones allow outstanding freedom of movement.

  • Seal Tite (Collar)  :

    New single layer collar construction for perfect water sealing and improved wearing comfort. The super smooth Glide_Skin on the inside collar avoids skin irritations and seals the neck perfectly without choking. On the outside an aditional S_Seal stripe on the collar rim (except entry level suits) reduces water intrusion and the increased collar height protects against cold water and wind-chill.

  •  :

    Replacing the S_SEAL at AMP level:
    Every centimeter of each GBS seam is sealed with Neoprene tape on the inside! It offers remarkable stretch across the entire suit.  The soft surface won't irritate your skin and provides additional sealing against water.  In order to make the suit last longer, stitching is placed visibly on the outside where the load is heavy when bending or kneeing at the ground.

  • Seams Reinforcements  :

    All crucial stress areas are reinforced either with Melco_Tape on the inside seams or rubber logo patches on the outside to prevent ripping.

  •  :

    What's the one thing prospective wetsuit customers do at the shop?  Yep, you guessed it! They pull on the wetsuit's arms.  Here at ION we think the legs deserve the same attention, so the new Ninja_Knees feature uses the same highly elastic materials as used in the arm panels.  The result is astonishing with awesome freedom of movement, especially when bending the knees.

  •  :

    Sanitized® is a certified antibacterial fabric with active biocidal substance: zinc pyrithion treatment to prevent bad odor from bacteria, mildew etc. in moist or sweaty environments. This function is permanently integrated in selected ION items such as premium wetsuits, boots and shoes.

  •  :

    A rubber like stripe print is provided around the inside of the wrists and ankles.  This results in a tighter sealed fit which stops water from rushing into your suit and loosening of material around these areas.


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