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Waxing Vola MX No Fluor 200g Yellow - Sans

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Reference nr H10VOLAACC008-SANS

VOLA MX waxes are designed to provide all round performance in different kinds of snow. The range consists of three types (different colours) of wax for three temperature ranges. These waxes allow prolonged training on abrasive snow while offering maximum protection for the ski base. Also widely used for the preparation of new skis

Operating temperature (air/°C) : -2°C > +10°C / 28°F > 50°F

The optimal temperature for using the iron for this wax is 100°.

How to use :  

Clean and dry the base

Apply some ski wax on the iron

Let it cooling at least 2h

Scrape completely the base with a plastic scraper

Brush with a nylon brush and then, with an horse hair brush.

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