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Airbag packs accessories

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ABS ABS Pocket A.cross+ Small Wine OverviewABS ABS Pocket A.cross+ Small Wine Side Cyber Days
  • Recommended price




The ABS A.cross+ Small Wine Backpack is a compact and sturdy design that allows you to go out for a day of freeriding with your gear protected from moisture and a helmet and ski carrying system

  • S-M
Arva Activation Set Bouteille Carbone OverviewArva Activation Set Bouteille Carbone Side
  • £136.41

Arva innovates with this carbon cartridge for airbag which, in addition to being highly resistant, is also ultra compact

Mammut Activation Set Carbon Cartridge 300 Bar Non-Refillable Black OverviewMammut Activation Set Carbon Cartridge 300 Bar Non-Refillable Black Side
  • £150.06

With the Mammut Carbon Cart ridge 300 Bar Non-Refillable Black you will save precious grams. This lightweight gas cartridge can be forgotten in the bag.

Arva Set de déclenchement Cartouche Acier OverviewArva Set de déclenchement Cartouche Acier Side
  • £68.16

Ultra compact high strength steel cylinder for Arva Airbag backpack

Scott Activation Set Cartridge Set for Airbag (CO2 + Argon) Overview
  • £36.31

Set of cartridges for Scott Airbag (CO2 + ARGON).

BCA Activation Set Float Speed Cylinder Overview
  • £136.41

The BCA Float Speed Cylinder allows you to inflate your airbag in just a few thousandths of a second to float above an avalanche