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Men's jackets

Looking for a new men's jacket to hit the slopes next winter?

Then you should definitely have a look at what we have for sale. Men's technical jackets are as useful as they are fashionable. We have carefully selected every single model from the major brands in the industry. The products we sell feature the latest innovations and technologies to ensure optimal performance during winter. We also have a full range of women's ski jackets available.

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Buyer’s guide for a mens ski jacket

A jacket is like a shield and a shelter when you’re out on the slopes or in the mountain. Most brands have developped specific membranes like Gore Tex, membranes that are both water-repellent and breathable. Jackets made with these fabrics allow you to stay dry, keeping rain and snow outside while they draw moisture and persperation away. And staying dry is the secret for staying warm! How do these membranes work? They are microperforated. The pores have a very specific diameter, big enough to let wet and hot air molecules pass through but small enough to block water molecules. Every membrane has its own level of waterproofness and breathability.

How to make sure you buy the right jacket for you?

The membrane’s breathbility is super important if you are a sporty rider doing lots of intense physical efforts. For instance, if you practice ski touring, or if you like building kickers in the pow and walk up the hill after every jump, then you are used to sweat a lot. In this case, you want a jacket that is highly breathable. Persperation will evaporate more quickly and you’ll stay warm and dry longer. We also recommend to wear adapted clothing under the jacket like thermal underwear. They bring sweat towards the upper layers enhancing its evaporation. Try to avoid cotton tops, they are like a sponge and retain sweat which will make your body temperature drop quickly. To the contrary, if ski holidays rhyme with ski lifts cruising the slopes to your ears, then no need to spend a fortune in an ultra-light 3 layer Gore Tex jacket. Better get something cheaper and warm that can shield you from the wind.

What are the differences between the different models of mens ski jackets?

Breathability and waterproofness are one thing, but every model of jacket has its own ‘add-ons’ and accessories. On the Oscar jacket by Picture for instance, you’ll appreciate the smartphone pocket allowing you to keep your electronic devices protected. Or the pocket including a goggle wipe which can be really convenient! Most jackets also feature a pocket for your lift pass on the sleeve or a powder skirt. In the end, the most difficult thing to do is choose!

Come and discover our range of mens ski jackets!