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Touring ski boots

Why should you buy your touring ski boots with Glisshop?

With over 50 models of ski boots designed for touring, Glisshop follows the growing trend of skiers appealed by nature and selects the best boots from the greatest manufacturers.

Vibram outsoles, mobile cuff, boots with inserts...there are multiple technologies and our expert staff is always happy to help and explain by phone or chat so you can buy the right boot that fits you and meets your needs. Come discover our men touring ski boots and women touring ski boots selection in our shop!

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How to choose your touring ski boots?

You can tour with two kinds of ski boots: the alpine ones combined with convertible bindings and the touring ones also called ‘Low Tech’ or LT, combined with boots with inserts, specifically designed for touring.

Three major criteria to account before buying

The weight :

In general, touring boots are lighter than alpine boots thanks to the carbon featured in their construction. However, carbon has flaws: it is more expensive and a little more fragile than plastic. The quick development of the sport incites manufacturers to innovate constantly though, new technologies are released and improve both lightweight and durability.

The liner :

The liner is an essential part of a ski boot. You will rather go for a heat moldable liner which offers a much better fit as it adjusts to the foot shape. Glisshop.co.uk offers the molding as an option: it is made according to your needs, if there is still a pain after several days of use.

However, heatmolding does not necessarily prevent from pain. If you feel uncomfortable when trying the boot or even after heatmolding, better keep looking for a liner that delivers optimal comfort to your feet. Check out our ski touring boots for wide feet and ski touring boots for narrow feet.

The climbing position :

The way you feel in the boot when set for climbing is also very important. Indeed, touring means spending more time climbing than descending, therefore, even a tiny pain can totally ruin your trip. This is why you need to check and double-check the cuff travel. Once you’ve set the climbing position, walk for a while (tour the shop if needed) and try to feel if there’s pain on your shin and how mobile the cuff is. The slightest pain should take you onto another boot to try. Bear in mind that liners compress with time and use.

And more...

A true touring boot features a Vibram outsole. It improves walking performance as it provides more traction on snow or ice.

Touring is getting really popular and more and more skiers are into it. Therefore, manufacturers invest a lot in their lineup and manage to release new equipment with new technologies improving lightweight and downhill performance without compromising safety and comfort.

Glisshop recommendations

  • Your body isn’t exactly symmetrical and your feet might be slightly different. When you try a ski boot, try the pair and not just one.
  • Take your time when try on the boots. If possible, keep them on for a while: pressure points don’t always show up instantly.
  • Do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff, they will be happy to help you find the right boot that best suits your needs.

Discover our wide selection of Atomic, Dalbello, Dynafit, Fischer, Head, K2, La Sportiva, Lange, Movement, Rossignol, Salomon, Scarpa, Scott, Tecnica touring ski boots. Discover also our touring ski boots collections 2018, 2019 and 2020 !