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Knee/elbow protectors

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Icetools Knee protection Knee Guard Black OverviewIcetools Knee protection Knee Guard Black Side
  • Recommended price




The Icetools Knee Guard Black helps you absorb shocks and impacts thanks to its memory foam, which remains light and does not hinder your movements.

  • L-XL (LXL)
Dainese Knee protection Pro Armor Knee Guard Black White OverviewDainese Knee protection Pro Armor Knee Guard Black White Side Cyber Days
  • £77.26

The Pro Armor Knee Guard Black White protects your knees from serious injury by providing effective protection in the event of a fall

  • S (47)
  • M (52)
  • L (54)
Zamst Knee protection Rk-1 Plus - Left OverviewZamst Knee protection Rk-1 Plus - Left Side Cyber Days
  • £63.61

The Zamst RK-1 Plus Left is a lightweight, breathable knee brace that provides joint support and pain relief on the outer side of the left knee without limiting freedom of movement.

  • XS (36 - 39)
  • S (39 - 42)
  • M (42 - 45)
  • L (45 - 48)
  • XL (48 - 51)
cyber days -15% supplémentaires prolongation
Zamst Genouillères (Protection) Filmista Knee OverviewZamst Genouillères (Protection) Filmista Knee Side Cyber Days
  • £40.86

Prevent injuries and stabilise your knees with the Zamst Filmista Knee braces which feature the same cutting-edge technology as Zamst’s Filmista ankle range, offering excellent support while being low profile and lightweight for maximum comfort. 

  • S (31 - 34)
  • M (34 - 37)
  • L (37 - 40)
Dainese Elbow pads Pro Armor Elbow Guard Black / White OverviewDainese Elbow pads Pro Armor Elbow Guard Black / White Side Cyber Days
  • £68.16

The Dainese Pro Armor Elbow Guard Black White keeps your elbows safe and protected from impact when you fall while skiing or snowboarding

  • M (29)
  • L (28)
Zamst Genouillères (Protection) Rk-1 Plus - Right OverviewZamst Genouillères (Protection) Rk-1 Plus - Right Side Cyber Days
  • £63.61

Comfortable, lightweight and breathable, the Zamst RK-1 Plus Right Knee Brace provides adjustable compression and joint support to relieve pain on the outer side of the right knee.

  • XS (36 - 39)
  • S (39 - 42)
  • M (42 - 45)
  • L (45 - 48)
  • XL (48 - 51)


Are knee and elbow protectors really useful when you are skiing?

If you have ever tried riding in a snowpark and attempted sliding on a rail, you probably know that falling can be really painful. Same thing if you are into competitions. If you want to be the first to reach the finish line, you sometimes have to take risks, and taking risks imply falling. If you want to keep your knees and elbows in one piece, protect them!

How to protect your knees efficiently when you’re snowboarding?

There are specific brands that are expert in this field. The ones that first come to mind are Dainese and TSG, both making protectors adapted for skiing or snowboarding. All of these manufacturers must make products that stick to the norm EN1621-1. It defines precisely the minimal shock absorbtion a shell must provide to protect a knee efficiently. Knee protectors straps are generally made of stretchable materials so they can adapt to every shape of knee and allow optimal mobility. It must not be too tight nor too loose. It must be comfortable to wear. And it’s on comfort that high-end products make the difference compared to basic models. A good product must hold firmly but it should not block your blood flow. You should feel it but it shouldn’t be a pain to wear it.

Spare your elbows and protect them as well

If you want to hit the black line of kickers in the park with confidence, build yourself an armor. Back, knees, head and elbows are parts of the body that you want to protect as they are either the most fragile ones or the ones on which you fall most of the time. And you know how hard the snow can be in a snowpark. Your elbows will say thank you if you protect them. Mastering a trick requires practice. You will have to try and try and try again to learn, and learning involves falling and falling involves pain. We can’t help you to avoid falling, but we can help skipping the pain part. Buy elbow protectors. Like knee protectors, their straps are made of stretchable materials offering mobility and comfort. Try to wear some once and you’ll never want to take them off ever again.

Discover our range of elbow and knee protectors.