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Men's touring boots

Looking for new touring ski boots?

Gear never stops improving and you can find on the market excellent touring ski boots offering lightweight and comfort as well as amazing freetouring boots, more versatile and compatible with alpine ski bindings. To make sure you pick the right boot, you need to find the right mix of weight and stiffness, depending on your ski level and on your style. Have a look at our range of touring ski boots to make your mind.

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Buyer’s guide for touring ski boots

You need a new pair of touring ski boots? Here are a few tips to help you choose them well.

You have just learned about touring skis:

Make sure you don’t buy boots that are too heavy for you, you may struggle a bit when skinning up. Try to find touring boots that are comfortable and versatile so they cover a large spectrum of performance and stick with you as you progress.

Your tours are fairly short and you mostly like skiing downhill:

If, to you, touring on skis is a way for reaching new untouched spots, you need touring ski boots capable or performing on the downhill. Don’t make too much compromise on the stiffness of the boot, synonym or power, better sacrifice weight. If your tours are short, you don’t need something ultra light, however, you do need support and precision when skiing. Prefer freetouring boots or versatile touring boots with a stiff flex.

Your tours are long, they can sometimes last more than a day:

Two keypoints, lightweight and comfort. On long tours, the enemy of the skier, it’s the weight. These boots are softer than freetouring boots but they are extremely light and offers a high mobility. Do not sacrifice comfort either (liner breathability, insole, outsole, etc.) because pain can truly ruin your tour, especially after several days of climbing. A heatmoldable liner is a feature that can’t be avoided.

You want to have only one pair of boots for skiing and touring:

Brands now offer excellent touring boots, super versatile, that perform as much on piste as on powder. Thanks to their mobile cuff with a backbone, they offer excellent mobility enhancing walking and climbing! With this kind of models that work in all types of bindings, you can benefit from the stiffness of an alpine boot with the mobility of a touring boot all packed in one pair.