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Kids ski sets

How to make your junior ski package?

You know how fun it is to ski with the whole family and see your kid discover the joys of skiing. In order to make your winter season easy to prepare, Glisshop.co.uk has made for you junior ski sets, already adjusted, to make your life easier. Whether it’s the first time your child steps on skis or he is already a freestyle champion, you will find the skis meeting his needs. Pick your junior skis, select the bindings you want and our skimen will take care of the rest. The binding is mounted on the ski with the utmost care to make sure your kid is safe on the snow.

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Which ski set for your kid?

It is time to plan the next ski trip and this year, you want your kid to have as much fun as you have on the slopes. Therefore, you are about to buy him a pair of skis and a pair of bindings, but you have no idea how to mount them together. No worries, with Glisshop.co.uk ski packages, all you have to do is select the skis, select the bindings, and our experts mount them and adjust them. Easy.

What kind of ski does your kid need?

This is the first question you need to answer. If your kid has never touched a ski before, we recommend to have a look at beginner skis like a junior piste-oriented all-mountain ski. These models are intuitive and predictable thanks to their rockered tip. It makes turn initiations easier and effortless and allows kids to progress quickly and build up confidence.

On the other hand, if your kid is a young champion who loves speed and already masters every turning techniques, then you can have a look at skis that perform a little more. They will be stiffer, with more camber and less or no rocker. The ski gets more stable and grips harder on the snow. It is also more responsive. Finally, if your child seems attracted by jumps and spends his time watching videos of his favorite pro riders, you should consider buying a freestyle twin-tip ski. You won’t wait very long until he lands his first tricks in the snow park.

How to choose the bindings for a junior ski package?

Having a good alpine ski does not make a good package. Junior ski packages also need good bindings, suited for kid’s needs. This is why Glisshop.co.uk offers a wide selection of bindings available with junior skis, each of them having unique specifications. All you have to do is complete the form provided when buying a junior ski package. With these details our skimen are able to mount and adjust the bindings with a correct DIN value to make sure the binding releases when it should!

You will then receive a junior ski package that’s ready to use straight out of the box. It will help your kid progress and you know you don’t have to worry about his safety. The bindings will release when they need to. Easy, quick and efficient. What else could you ask for?