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Which drink belt for your nordic ski sessions?

It is important to stay hydrated when you practice sport and to make sure you keep your water bottle always with you, wear a drink belt. They come very handy as they can join you during your sports session.

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Buyer’s guide for drink belts

There are various types of hydration belts. Some are isothermal and others are simply fitted with a pocket to hold a drink bottle. This buying guide should help you choose the one best suited to your activity.

What differences are there between drink belts?

For your cross country skiing events or long distances races, you have a choice of two types of hydration belt.

Firstly you have the classic drink belts. Simply provided with a pocket where you can put a flask, they allow fast hydration without the need to stop. During descent a simple arm movement around the back is all you need to grab your bottle. It's a favourite choice of long distance runners, who have very little time to hydrate. There's also a little side pocket for holding an energy bar

The second type of drink belt is undoubtedly the most widely used in the world of nordic skiing. These ones are isothermal hydration belts that allow you to maintain the ideal temperature for your drink throughout your session. Also provided with a large pocket, these drink belts are able to hold a few accessories, energy products and a spare pair of gloves.