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Kids thermal underwear

Need technical underwear for your little one ?

A real second skin that provides warmth and comfort, children's thermal underwear is a first layer of protection against the cold. Made from merino wool or synthetic fibre, the long-sleeved t-shirt and ultra-breathable technical tights complete your young champion's ski outfit to be perfectly protected throughout the winter. Your little one can make a series of descents without getting wet and staying warm.
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Buying guide for children's technical clothing :

This full-fitting garment is the first element of your child's skiwear. Even before choosing his ski pants or jacket, you must equip him with a long-sleeved t-shirt and thermal tights. It is the clothing that will keep your young champion warm and dry all day long and with a great feeling of comfort.

What are the important elements of a child technical underwear?

The role of a thermal undergarment is to keep the heat of your body while evacuating the sweat stored by the effort. It works like a second skin, it is the first layer of clothing to choose before putting on a jacket and ski pants. The fabric used is light, soft, fits the skin very well and is very breathable to avoid getting soaked as soon as your child puts a little effort into it. This thermal layer stays dry in all situations or try to stay dry as quickly as possible. To make this possible, major brands such as Craft, Oldo or Bjorn Daehlie make their underwear out of ultra light synthetic fibre or high-performance merino wool. The seams on a thermal underwear are flat and ergonomic so that your child will not feel any discomfort when wearing it.

Which fabric should I choose for a child's thermal underwear?

Increasingly popular in the world of technical textiles, merino wool is an essential fabric. It ensures great softness and an incredible capacity to absorb moisture, your little one stays warm and dry in all situations. In addition, merino wool has a natural antibacterial property, so your child can go from one day at the resort to the next wearing the same clothes. Ideal if you're going away with the family for several days and you don't have the possibility to wash your clothes. The other option, the most frequent and economical, is to choose a synthetic fibre fabric. Lighter than technical underwear made of wool, it offers equivalent or even slightly better breathability in some cases.