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How to pick your ski boot’s insoles to make sure your feet don’t feel cold?

Ski boot manufacturers progress and improve their products every year with new liners offering better insulation and more comfort. But some skiers like to add their touch with an extra pair of insoles to boost comfort and insulation up a notch. The insoles below offer an ergonomic footbed and more hold in case your boot is a bit wide. It is also a good option if you want to feel warmer in your boot. Coated with aluminium, the sole retains heat better. You can even go for the self-heating insole and its batteries if you are really sensitive to cold.

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Buyer’s guide for a good ski boot insole

You’re loving your new ski boots but they are slightly too large. No worries, there is an easy fix, add an insole. They are available in several thickness, 3mm, 5mm, pick the one that fits best. On Glisshop, you can also find a large selection of ergonomic insoles for ski boots, from the most basic one to keep the price low to the most technical one offering more comfort than you can imagine. We also have self-heating insoles from Conformable Sidas or Therm-Ic, they work on batteries and deliver a gentle heat all day long. In our Sole / Foot Comfort category you can also find complete sets including ergonomic insoles and warm socks. If it’s comfort you’re after, it’s comfort you are going to get.

How to pick a ski insole without going wrong?

The insole of a ski boot is often forgotten and yet it is more important than you think. The best insoles currently available come from Conformable Sidas, a french brand based just by the Alps and focused on foot comfort. Their products are super ergonomic and adapt to all shapes of feet. Pick the model that matches your foot arch, low, moderate or high and discover what comfort actually means. These insoles were also designed to provide the best thermal insulation thanks to layers of aluminium in their construction. Aluminium reflects the body infrared heat and keeps your boots warmer.

Where can you find a heating insole compliant with a ski boot?

Brands never stop innovating. Who would have thought 10 years ago that you would be able to have electric heating insoles in your ski boots ? Not only these are reliable but they are also super easy to use. Basically, you plug them to the micro battery that comes with and the sole begins to heat up gently. This type of soles is made by Conformable Sidas with the Volcano Heat model or by Therm-Ic with the ThermicSole Perform model. Both brands stand as leaders in this industry. Be careful, the actual heating system or the battery need to be bought separately. You can find the whole set in our Foot Heating corner.

Pick a pair of ergonomic insoles for your ski boots and experience real comfort!