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Women's goggles

Fancy some nice women's ski or snowboard goggles?

Glisshop has everything you need: stylish goggles at the best price specifically designed for women who are passionate about skiing or snowboarding. We have carefully selected the best models according to many criteria: comfort, sun protection and look are some of them. Our ski and snowboard goggles for women are going to give you more style on the slopes so don’t waste a second and check our selection from the biggest brands out there, Bolle, Salomon and Smith to name just a few!

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Buyer’s guide for women ski/snowboard goggles

You are looking for a women-specific ski/snowboard goggles? They generally have a different shape than goggles for men and come with a style that is more girly. Here is a little summary that will help for your selection.

What are women-specific ski/snowboard goggles??

It may sound obvious but...women have a different face than men’s. This is why it is better to buy women goggles if you are a lady. Thinner face, higher cheekbones, women need a specific fit! By contouring these lines, women-specific goggles avoid air flows between foam and skin. Lenses are a bit smaller as well as the nose shape. However, the technologies featured on men goggles are also developed for women goggles (anti fogging system, spherical lenses, panoramic view, etc.). No need to worry, you can buy women-specific goggles and still benefit from the latest and best innovations.

Which ski goggles should you pick, for which conditions?

Every goggles for women sold by Glisshop offer optimal UV protection. Here is the category chart (same for sunglasses):

Category 1: low light, bad weather

Category 2: medium light, cloudy

Category 3 & 4: bright light, very sunny

If you look for goggles that work in bad conditions, better pick a yellow, orange or pink lens, it will increase contrasts and provide better vision when the light is flat. A category 1 is more than enough if you only use these goggles in poor light conditions.

If you want versatile goggles, a category 2 or 3 with mirrored lens or photochromic lenses (automatically adjusts to changing light conditions from 1 or 2 to 3 or 4 in seconds) will make you happy.

What are the trends?

The look of women-specific goggles never stops improving. Leather inserts, strass, refined straps, flashy colours, brands are being more and more creative. Black and white remain a leading trend because they are easy to match with other colours. Another cool feature: interchangeable straps, you can custom your goggles according to your mood (or jacket!).

Waste no more time, view our selection of women ski & snowboard goggles on