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Roller skis

Are you fond of nordic skis and wish to practice during summer?

Then you are in the right place! The Simon Fourcade Nørdic range is full of products specially designed to practice your favourite sport even during summer days. Whether you are searching for classic roller skis, skate roller skis or just some accessories, you will find all that you need here.

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Your roller ski buying guide

Classic? Skating? It's hard to choose between these two schools and their various models. You will also find multiple roller ski accessories to preserve and maintain your gear.

Do you need a hand? Don't panic! Our buying guide is here to help you see things more clearly.

What is roller skiing?

You can often see roller skis at the feet of athletes during their summer training. This practice, used to recreate the gliding feel you get on snow, represents 60% of a cross-country skier training during summer. But it's not just a training tool, roller ski has developed to become a full-blown practice with its own competitions and a world tour.

Just like nordic skis, roller skis have undergone a mutation in the last few years and under this new impulse, a certain number of roller-ski runs have appeared in resorts where nordic skiing was already prevalent to offer a secured space with terrains suited to this practice. However, it is not necessary to have one of these near you since any quiet road, cycle path or mountain pass can become a new playground for the nordic ski enthusiasts who wish to keep working their technique under the sun.

For beginners, it is important to underline that roller skis are not fitted with brakes and so, it is preferable to learn the basics on a flat and secured runway during your first outings before you go exploring the surroundings on your roller skis.

As with nordic skis, each technique has its specific gear with classic and skate roller skis as well as junior models, so take a look at our various ranges and do not hesitate to call one of our expert staff if you have any questions.

Classic roller skis

With classic roller skis, every push you make is on a straight axis. On classic roller skis, an ratchet system is inserted in the wheel to prevent you from rolling backwards and in order to recreate the grip of a grip wax, scales or skins. With wheels between 44 and 50 mm of diameter depending on the model and the brand, classic roller skis are the most stable ones. They will allow you to climb a mountain pass without having to maintain a sustained pace or let you do a nice and long session of double poling on flat ground. So if you are fond of classic or if you are looking for an alternative to summer endurance sports, come have a look at our classic roller ski sets and receive your gear fully ready for action with your bindings already fitted.

Skate roller skis

Biathletes' favourite gear for summer training. Skate roller skis let you practice your skating technique, the wheels are thinner and there is no ratchet system. Just like in winter, this technique is more demanding physically speaking and climbing requires greater efforts than with classics. If you wish to buy some ready-to-use roller skis with your bindings already installed, check our skate roller ski sets and take your pick!

Roller ski accessories

Roller skiing requires the maintenance of your gear. The wheels wear out and have to be changed regularly. You can find sets of wheels from Nordeex (Blue, Grey and Black) and IDT.

You may also want to replace your roller ski fenders since we know that they tend to break during transport. It's an essential part and that's why we have a few of them on our shelves.

Roller ski gear

The gear used for roller skiing is almost identical to the one you use during winter. Neither the boots nor the bindings change. Poles are also the same even though it's better to favour carbon and fiberglass ones to limit the vibrations. Touring baskets should be replaced by stronger tungsten roller-ski tips as they will be more resistant against the pavement.

Just like with biking or skiing, it is strongly recommended to wear a helmet in case of a fall. And do not forget your gloves to avoid any risk of blisters or burns.