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Touring ski sets

Why should you buy your touring ski package with Glisshop.co.uk?

With more than 500 sets available, we offer a broad selection of touring skis paired with the best bindings available on the market for women and men. The weight of your equipment being the most important thing to consider, we ensure that the skis and bindings we sell are ideally suited for your needs.

Choosing a package spares you the mounting of the bindings and maximises safety as we have them mounted and fitted by a skiman. It guarantees a better price on skis, bindings and mounting. In case you're not sure which touring bindings you should pick, have a read of our buyer's guide on how to choose touring ski bindings.

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How to choose your touring ski set ?

Focus on lightweight

When touring, you spend some time on the downhill and even more time ascending. Considering you’re carrying a pair of skis, of boots, of poles, a backpack and more, the weight of your gear is extremely important as it can slow you down and wear yourself out quickly.

Weight is the main issue for a tourer and the real deal is how to get the best performance and keep the weight as low as possible. This is when you need to analyse your goals. If your tours are generally one day long and not too steep, then you can focus on downhill performance. However, if touring means to you a 4-day trip with high summits, then lightweight needs to be first on your list.

Choose the profile of your ski

Avoid fat skis cause they are way too heavy. Mid-fat skis do a good job if you are into free-touring. These skis often feature a rockered tip and a waist width around 100mm, which ensures optimal performance on powder snow. That kind of ski is pretty heavy though, it’s a good pick for short tours.

To the opposite, ultra-light skis (less than 2.6kg / pair) will make the ascent effortless but won’t perform so well on the downhill, unless you are an expert skier. Their sidecuts and lightweight make them quite difficult to control at high speed and not so stable. Same on powder where the skis won’t excel. This kind of skis is recommended for long tours (several days) or for shorter tours with big ascents.

Fortunately, there is an in-between, skis suited for a more recreational use. With widths sizing from 75mm to 90mm and an average weight of 3kg, a slightly rockered tip and a woodcore, these allround touring skis deliver good downhill performance and decent lightweight.

And more :

Thanks to Glisshop touring ski sets, you are ensured to use bindings that are adapted to your style and needs. Our packages are fitted and set by our skimen in order to optimise uphill performance, downhill skiability, comfort and safety.

The mounting and fitting of your bindings is free of charge. In order to do it with precision, you will be asked to complete a form with your age, weight, height, gender and ski level. We also need your boot length (written on your boot shell) and we’ll ask for your preferences.

Glisshop recommendations :

  • Define your level (intermediate or expert) and the kind of tours you’d like to do. That will help define the profile of the skis and bindings you need.
  • Do not hesitate to contact our staff and tell them precisely about your needs and expectations.
  • Do not neglict your equipment, take care of it and maintain it.

Discover our wide selection of Armada, Atomic, Black Crows, Black Diamond, Blizzard, Dynafit, Dynastar, Elan, Faction, Fischer, K2, Movement, Rossignol, Salomon, Scott, SkiTrab, Volkl, Zag touring skis with bindings! Discover also our touring ski sets collections 2018, 2019 and 2020!