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Impact shorts

Which protection shorts for skiing or snowboarding?

Falling isn’t a rare thing when you learn how to snowboard. If you want to skip the pain and focus on the fun it is important to protect yourself and wear protective shorts. No more bruises, no more shocks on your bum, the protective shorts are useful for both skiers and snowboarders especially jibbers and amateurs of freestyle. Because sliding on a rail is not easy, you will hardly avoid falling if you’re learning. Impact shorts will absorb these shocks and will make your life a lot more enjoyable! That’s why Glisshop made a selection of strong protective shorts for you!

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Buyer’s guide for effective protection shorts.

Snowboarding can be tough on your body especially when you are learning. Protection shorts are going to be your new best friend. Their padding protects your tailbone and avoids pain which has another effect, it boosts confidence. But these types of shorts are not necessarily for beginners. Freestylers or aggressive riders will appreciate to have an extra protective layer between their skin and the rock hard snow.

How effective are padded shorts?

With the many paddings and reinforcements, the shorts we have for sale in our protectors corner deliver optimal shock absorption. Thanks to them you will avoid painful injuries in your lower back area or on your upper legs. It won’t matter how you fall, even if a rail hits on your hips you will be spared from a broken bone and that’s a relief. You’ll ride with more confidence and you should progress faster!

Which model of protective shorts is good for you?

When you will realise how many models we have in stock you may feel a bit confused and lost but don’t get impressed, we’re here to help. Some shorts feature reinforcements made out of polypropylen which is a stiff and strong type of plastic. It may not be the most comfortable protector, nor the most flexible, it is the one that offers the best protection from brutal impacts. There are also models padded with foams. They are more convenient and offer more mobility and decent protection. If you’re only looking for an added protective layer for your backcountry sessions, the second category of shorts will suit you best, if you spend a lot of time in the park and on rails and boxes, then you want to go for the first category.

How to pick the size of your protective shorts?

There are models for everyone, kids, men, women, the main brands keep releasing innovative products. TSG, Icetools, Scott, Arva or Dainese, all of them offer strong and light products. Kids will find products adapted to their size and adults just need to pick their usual size : S, M, L, XL. Manufacturers have taken care of enhancing comfort as well by using breathable materials such as mesh.

Check out our selection of protection shorts and stay safe on the slopes!