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Women's ski boots

Looking for a new pair of women’s ski boots?

Your skiing level doesn’t matter, whether you are an occasional skier or an expert, you will find the ski boots you need on Glisshop. Designed specifically for women’s needs and shapes, the womens ski boot combines performance, comfort and style. Even women who are very sensitive to cold can find the boot that will heat their feet! Check out our selection of recreational women’s boots suited for learners, or our range of womens performance ski boots to fine tune your technique. Browse through our line of womens sporty ski boots if you’re an expert race or pick a model of freetouring boots for women in case you want to venture in the mountain.

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Tips for buying women ski boots

Why should you get women-specific ski boots? A ski boot must be comfortable and it needs to adapt perfectly to your shapes and needs. This is why a ski boot designed specifcally for women is a better choice.

Women ski boots are designed according to the results of specific studies

Women have different shapes than men. Their calves are lower, their heels thinner and their feet narrower. Their ski boots are taking this into account. Manufacturers have reduced the cuff height, lowered the liner and redesigned the bucklery in order to offer optimal hold without applying too much pressure on the calves. Also, the upper part of the liner has a V shape and heel-lock was improved. Women’s feet being smaller than men’s, boot lasts are smaller as well.

Women ski boots are more comfortable

Generally lighter, women ski boots are also more comfy because women are often more sensitive to cold than men. The liner often features a fleece coating for a better heat retention, and shell is better insulated. Some boots also work with various foot heating systems.

Women ski boots can also perform

The times when women boots delivered less performance than men’s are well over. They are now designed with efficiency in mind. The boots offer precision, reactivity and can very well be used by professionals (instructors for instance). There are models available for all kinds of style (freeride, freestyle, alpine) and there are even freetouring boots with walk modes.

And of course...the look !

Ladies, don’t neglect your style. Boots are getting more and more beautiful, designed with lots of details (glitter, leather, etc) and stunning colours. On top of performance and comfort, women ski boots have also tons of style!