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Men's ski pants

Wanna buy new snowboard pants for men?

If you look for the ultimate shield from snow that will give you the ultimate look on it, then you’ll find the snow pants of your dreams on glisshop.co.uk. Picture Organic Clothing, The North Face, Icepeak, DC, Quiksilver and the list goes on. We got the best brands that are the most renowned in the industry. How about you spend a fantastic winter with brand new snow pants? Come have a look at our selection of technical legwear!

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Buyer’s guide for men ski pants

Tired of falling in the snow and get all wet? Or you’re a snowboarder and you want to be able to sit in the snow and keep your bum dry? Or you simply want to feel warm on the slopes? Whatever your reason, you’re looking in the right place on Glisshop’s technical pants corner.

Need ski pants for men?

Have a look at our clothing shop in the technical pants corner for men. You’ll see the amount of models we have in stock! Loaded with style and techs, these pants bring innovation to its best. Almost all of them carry a waterproof and breathable membrane which might be made from micro perforated teflon like Gore Tex or from hydrophilic fibre like the MP+ membrane. Both work the same way. They stop water molecules outside while they allow moisture to draw away. With this type of pants you can very well ski on powder for hours, carve groomers or go ski touring and stay dry whatever the conditions.

How to choose your snow pants amongst the hundred models available?

If you pay attention to the technical specifications of our snow pants, you will see that their breathability and waterproofness may vary from a model to another. The waterproof level is rated according to the following process. If we had a water column above the fabric, clothing with a waterproof rate of 5,000mm would resist under a 5m high column. Needless to go diving to check though, it is only a way to compare models between them. 5000, 10000 or 20000mm. The higher the more waterproof. If you only ski on piste, a snow pant rated 5000mm is enough and will protect you from a thin rain or from snow. However, if you are into freeriding and the only thing that makes you feel alive is powder then better go for a 10000mm or more rate cause powder is giving fabrics a hard time. If, originally, Gore Tex was the best to make waterproof high-quality clothing, other brands quickly caught up and made membranes that are as waterproof and highly breathable and this is really important. Keeping the elements at bay is good, but getting rid of moisture and sweat as fast as possible is better. Competition is rough and manufacturers never stop improving. And the best is, in the end, the winner is the customer. There are hundreds of models with interesting prices. Come and discover our snow pants selection!