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Men's goggles

Looking for new ski goggles or snowboard goggles for men?

Whether you need goggles for bright conditions or cloudy weather, Glisshop has your needs covered. We carefully selected the models we sell from the best manufacturers in order to offer the best UV protection, optimal vision and a lot of style! Our snow goggles have a great value for money and get delivered to your door.

In case you need goggles for your kids or your woman, check out our selection of ski goggles and snow goggles.

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Buyer’s guide for ski and snowboard goggles for men

Which ski/snowboard goggles should you get? The look of them is really important as it is the main reason that will make you buy these or those goggles. But the technologies featured also matter on this kind of product. Here are a few tips to make sure you pick the right one.

When will you use your ski/snowboard goggles?

If you like skiing with sunglasses and you keep goggles for bad weather, then you should get a category 1 or 2 for your ski goggles. They usually have yellow, orange or pink lenses. These colours increase contrast and allow you to see better when the light is flat.

If you are looking for goggles that can handle all conditions, as is for your every-day-goggles, pick a category 2 or 3 with a mirrored lens to protect you against the sun. Photochromic goggles are an excellent compromise as they automatically lighten or darken according to the changing light conditions. This means your lens can change from a category 1 or 2 to a category 3 or 4 in a few seconds. You can put it on in the morning and keep it on until late in the evening, spend the days on the slopes or go touring in the glaciers, you know you are always perfectly protected.

Finally, many ski & snowboard goggles for sunny conditions come with an extra lens for cloudy conditions.

What are the options that can be interesting?

Every goggle for men sold by Glisshop offer optimal UV protection but they also feature different options giving them unique properties. For instance, spherical lenses increase the field of vision which can be handy for skiing and even more practical for snowboarders.

Some models carry the OTG symbol, they are designed to be worn Over The Glasses. Forget about the contact lenses you can finally ski with your glasses AND with goggles over them.

Other goggles feature two lenses. This system helps minimising fogging. You can even find venting systems inside the goggles to diminish fogging on the lens.

Goggles have become a fashionnable piece of equipment and brands design them with this in mind. Therefore, you can even find goggles with interchangeable straps and make sure they always match your jacket!

Now you know everything you need about snow goggles, all that’s left to do is choosing your favourite one! Have a look at our selection and pick your pair amongst the biggest names on the market: Bolle, Aphex, Redbull, Atomic, Smith. They’re all here!