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Women's ski pants

Looking for new women's ski pants to match your ski jacket?

Go straight to our women corner shop. You will find tech ski pants loaded with style and performance, perfect for having a fantastic time on the slopes. Whether you look for something with a narrow fit to highlight your body shapes or for a freestyle profile for more comfort through your moves, you will find the product of your dreams in store. Our experts have selected products adapted to every style and in every colour. Pink, blue, turquoise, fushia, you won’t go unseen on the slopes!

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Buyer’s Guide for women ski pants

Ski pants are absolutely needed if you want to enjoy your ski season. Both a piece of fashion and a technical part of your equipment, ski pants help you get through winter with comfort, style and performance.

Which profile should you pick?

Every skier or snowboarder has her own tastes but there are trends you can stick to if you like. Skiers looking for comfort and agility generally go for a narrow fit, ideal for skiing at high speed. Snowboarders, freestylers or casual riders who dress with streetwear generally go for a wider fit. They cover the boots and give you more style!

How waterproof are the pants you’re looking at?

Ski pants or ski jackets, same difference. The same manufacturers make both meaning you find the same fabrics and the same technologies used on pants and jackets. Breathable and water-repellent membranes will help you face difficult conditions on the mountain. They shield from snow and rain while they let moisture and sweat draw away to keep you warm and dry. This means you use them go for high activity sessions like touring or powder skiing as well as just cruising the slopes with them. Manufacturers derive their products with different membranes providing varying levels of waterproofness. You can understand that a few snowflakes falling do not apply the same pressure on fabrics as thick powder. If you stay on groomed slopes and ride only when conditions are good, pants with a waterproof rate up to 10,000mm should make you happy. However, if you are a freerider and spend a lot of time in the deep, you want something above 10,000mm!

Do ski pants shield from snow?

Of course they do! Not only they are water-repellent, but most models feature various accessories designed to block snow from going in. Gaiters for instance cover the boots and create an effective barrier against snow. Some brands like Volcom also have systems allowing to link your pants with your jacket to make sure nothing goes in when you fall or sit on powder snow!

Now that you know what are your needs, come and have a look at our technical pants corner for women!