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Touring ski poles

How to choose from the wide selection of touring ski poles?

Traditional poles or telescopic ones, here is a choice that is more a matter of taste than anything else. Telescopic touring ski poles can be adjusted to any skier’s height or snow conditions which is a great benefit. It can also be used in summer and be set differently when climbing or descending. From all existing models, the adjustable pole is the most versatile one. The traditional touring ski pole (mono shaft) however is stronger and can withstand the roughest conditions in the mountain.

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Buyer’s guide for a touring ski pole

You want to complete your touring equipment with new poles? On glisshop.co.uk we have the latest models available from the best manufacturers. Telescopic, fixed length, you decide!

Looking for a telescopic touring ski pole?

Whether it’s made of 2 or 3 pieces, a telescopic pole can be adjusted in seconds. Once it’s locked, it ensures solid support for your ascents and provides balance on the downhill. It will also help you stand up when you’re stuck in powder. Telescopic touring poles generally feature a pretty wide basket so they don’t sink too deep in the snow. The majority of them is made of aluminium which is a strong and light material. The shaft diameter may vary from a model to another though. The wider the shaft is, the stronger. But it’s also heavier. Black Crows Duos Freebird poles are good because they feature a lower carbon part. Carbon has a shape memory meaning you can bend the pole (up to a certain point), it will return to its original shape. The main benefit of a telescopic pole is its versatility. It can adapt to any terrain and conditions and you can use it for winter tours or summer hikes.

You’d rather a strong mono shaft touring pole?

Sporty skiers generally prefer ski poles made of one block. They are stronger and cheaper. Aluminium poles are an excellent value for money and they are sturdy. Look at the shaft diameter though which can make a big difference. We can also mention the Nepal 10 by Kerma. This pole stands out by offering a strong carbon construction. If you like charging hard and fast down the steepest slopes and couloirs, it is a mono shaft pole that you need.

Option-wise, what are the trends in the pole industry?

This is actually a pretty important point. If additional features and finish of a pole may seem unneeded when you’re browsing on a website, you’ll probably find them very useful when skiing at 2000m+ above sea level. For instance, a multi-density foam grip will be more convenient than a plastic grip. A foam coating on the pole allows tourers to hold the pole from any point without having their fingers frozen. Or if you love cruising through the trees we throroughly recommend the Q Aly S3 pole from Salomon. Its safety strap releases in case of an unexpected fall and ensures optimal safety.

Discover our wide selection of Armada, Atomic, Black Crows, Black Diamond, Faction, K2, Komperdell, Leki, Line, Salomon, Scott, SkiTrab, Summit, Volkl touring ski poles.