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Kids ski boots

Are you looking for the best kids ski boots for your children?

Fantastic, you’re in the right place. He or she will be so proud to wear his own gear, he won’t even want to take them off. Ever again. On Glisshop, you will find a large selection of kids recreational boots as well as performance-recreational boots and even sporty ski boots for kids who can ski like champions. From size 6k to 8, from his first steps to his teenage, we’ll always have the boot that matches his needs. So don’t wait any longer and check out our latest kids ski boots!

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Tips for buying junior ski boots

If you wonder why you should buy your kid his own ski boots, here is why. Even if you know he is only going to keep them for a couple of years until his feet are too big, ski boots help them to feel confident on their skis. Bad ski boots will put them off skiing in no time. If they have their own, they know how they feel in them and it will help them progress faster.

Boots adapted to kids’ feet

It is not always easy for kids to express how they feel in their boots. Choosing a pair for them can be a struggle, especially when renting. Boots for rent are already shaped to multiple shapes of feet that used them before you. New boots offer the benefit to rapidly adapt and deliver a proper fit. Optimal comfort is very important as it will encourage kids to ski more and more.

Junior ski boots suited for all styles

On Glisshop, we have a large selection of various boots suited for all skiers: mini skiers, young racers, aspiring freestylers, recreational skiers...We have carefully selected every model to offer the best performance to comfort ratio.

Ski boots designed to meet kids’ needs

Children bodies are totally different than adults’, they have different shapes changing as they grow up. Ski brands build their boots according to it, from kids to teenagers, every boot shape is different. They also make them warmer as kids are generally more sensitive to cold. Junior ski boots tend to be lighter and more flexible as well, to help kids walk more easily.

Boots designed specifically for little girls

Boys and girls don’t have the same body shapes, same applies to their boots. Girls have thinner and narrower feet and heels along with a lower calf. Their boots take this into account to deliver the proper fit. Flashy colours and fancy graphics are just an extra bonus!