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Helmet + goggle set

Why choose a helmet + goggle pack?

In addition to the economic advantage, the integration of goggles and helmet is very important to prevent any cold air infiltration on your face. When you buy one of our packs, you buy a goggles and a ski helmet of the same brand. Therefore, the manufacturer makes sure to offer the best possible integration with its two products. Fogging is thus strongly limited and your goggle will match your helmet for a hell of a style!
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Salomon Helmet Brigade+ Audio All Black OverviewSalomon Goggles Goggles Lo Fi Sigma Bktiedie/U Black Overview
  • Recommended price




The Salomon Brigade+ Audio All Black men ski helmet features an integrated audio system that lets you enjoy the descents with his favorite playlist.

  • Salomon Helmet Brigade+ Audio All Black Overview
  • 62-64 (XL)
  • S
  • M
  • L
Bolle Helmet B-lieve Matte Navy Aerospace OverviewBolle Goggles Rocket Matte Black Bear Rosy Bronze Overview
  • Recommended price




The B-lieve Matte White Apache is ideal for young champions with its light and efficient In-Mold construction. With integrated ventilation.

  • Bolle Helmet B-lieve Matte Navy Aerospace Overview
  • 51-53 (S)
Bolle Helmet OverviewBolle Goggles Nevada Matte Black & Green Diagonal Phantom Green Emerald Overview
  • Recommended price




The Bollé Ryft Pure White Matte ski helmet is the perfect companion for a safe and comfortable ride on the slopes. 

  • Bolle Helmet Overview
  • 59-62 (L)
Oakley Helmet Mod5 Matte White OverviewOakley Goggles Flight Tracker M Matte White Prizm Black Iridium Overview
  • Recommended price




With its hybrid construction, the Oakley MOD5 Matte White offers a high level of protection all while being light and super pleasant to wear.

  • S (51-55)
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Buying guide helmet pack + goggles :

Because excellent protection for your head and eyes is necessary, opt for a high-quality helmet and ski goggle which are two essential elements for safe skiing or snowboarding. A fall happens quickly, to limit as much as possible the risk of accident, a helmet offers a real protection for your head. All our helmets are tested to the European safety standard (CE-EN 1077) to guarantee maximum resistance in the event of impact. For the construction itself, there are several possibilities. If you opt for a lightweight helmet, it will most often be In-Mold, a unique moulding between a polycarbonate shell and an absorbent EPS foam. A type of construction that makes the helmet lighter without compromising its impact resistance. While an ABS helmet will often be dedicated to freestyle practice thanks to its great robustness. Always in the protection, many of our models are equipped with the MIPS system, a liner that moves freely between the head and the helmet in all directions. In case of impact, this liner follows the movement of your head to limit the pressure sent to your brain as much as possible.

To protect your eyes as much as possible, it is important to prevent any external element from accidentally entering an eye during a descent. To do this, a ski goggle is mandatory to keep your eyes away from the sun, wind, rain, cold and possible small debris. The screen completely covers your eyes without squeezing your face too tightly thanks to comfortable foams all around the frame. In the mountains, don't underestimate the sun protection, with the reverberation of light on the snow, the radiation can be violent. Goggle screens are classified as sunglasses with the same levels of protection. From category 0 for very low luminosity such as in the evening to category 4 for very sunny days or for ski mountaineering at high altitude. For those who prefer versatility, the photochromic screen is a good solution for skiing from morning to night with the same ski goggle. A variable tint screen darkens or brightens depending on the ambient light to give you the best possible vision at all times.

To fight against the main enemy of the skier and snowboarder, mist, a good integration of goggle + helmet is necessary in order to limit the formation of condensation. On the market, most goggles have a double screen: the cold outside air is insulated from the warm inside air to create a thermal barrier like a double glazing and avoid fogging. Some brands also have a ventilation system for good air circulation and thus further enhance this anti-fogging effect.

To sum up, a helmet and a ski goggle are two inseparable elements to make the most of your day of skiing or snowboarding. That's why at Glisshop, we directly offer you helmet + goggle packs made for our salesmen in order to offer you the best possible integration by matching your goggle with your helmet because yes style matters.

helmet + goggle pack