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How to choose your equipment for snowshoeing?

Snowshoeing can be done almost anywhere. If there are dedicated trails in the resort where walkers can be next to each other, snowshoeing can be practiced on all trails that lend themselves to it. You can follow a signposted itinerary or choose to explore the wilderness as you wish, free of charge for those who know how to respect it. And if snowshoeing inspires the same feelings of freedom as ski touring or splitboarding, it also requires to have taken care to organize your outing beforehand by informing yourself about the weather conditions, the snow conditions and the risks of avalanches. Taking these precautions is not an accessory. Just as much as in off-piste skiing, it is important to be careful and to be able to give up. Since venturing into the mountains leaves little room for improvisation, Glisshop has selected snowshoes, poles and boot gaiters to help you make the right choices.

For all those who wish to learn to snowshoe hiking, Glisshop offers discovery models for men, women and children among the brands Ferrino, TSL, Inook or Tubbs. The 305 Original and 305 Pionner from TSL, which also exist in 325, the Lys and Nevada models from Ferrino are perfect discovery snowshoes to start on the flat, then quickly get to grips with the first slopes. Then we move on to models like the Flex Rgd from Tubbs. This is an intermediate level hiking snowshoe. Comfortable on all terrains, it is excellent for day outings, capable of swallowing large vertical drops. Taking advantage of the same specificities, the Flex Rgd W is a women's hiking snowshoe. These models proposed by Glisshop all benefit from ascent wedges that allow to compensate the slope during ascents.


For more experienced walkers, who prefer the great outdoors and are as comfortable crossing a plateau as they are reaching a ridge, Glisshop has selected hiking snowshoes that allow you to crawl everywhere, especially in thick powder snow or on frozen surfaces. Among the models that provide excellent grip, the TSL Highlander snowshoes work wonders on steep slopes and overhangs thanks to their Up & Down system, crampons and front claws. Symbioz Hyperflex snowshoes from TSL also accompany you on steep alpine hikes. In addition to the fact that they guarantee a very good grip on uneven terrain, their design favours a footpath that is very close to natural walking. Thanks to their adjustment system, these types of snowshoes are very easily compatible with snowboard boots. Freeriders will thus appreciate being able to go up in snowshoes without having to change boots before being able to get the board back down to their feet.

Whether you prefer to take marked trails or be the first to walk on a snowpack still untouched by any tracks, at Glisshop you will find all the snowshoe equipment adapted to your practice. As for hiking poles and possibly boot gaiters, you can also find the right models for you in our offer. While it is easy to choose gaiters, choosing a hiking stick requires a little more thought. Glisshop offers folding, telescopic or stranded gaiters, which can easily be adapted to your size. Equipped with steel tips and wide washers, they are suitable for hard and soft snow. If they are used to keep your balance, they support your efforts during ascents and are just as effective on descents as they are on slopes.

With Glisshop, choose the right equipment and quickly discover snowshoes, hiking poles and boot gaiters with which you can enjoy the ride, on the flat, uphill, downhill, undergrowth and even on the ridges.