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Kids gloves

Are you planning your next winter holiday? If the answer is yes, you should definitely have a look at our glove and mitts corner! We have many pairs of junior gloves available, you will find a model that is warm and comfy, suited for your kid’s hands. It’s nice to know he can ski all day and feel warm. To discover the joys of skiing or snowboarding, it’s good, to discover it with warm hands, it’s better. Why don’t you try the latest innovations from the major brands to make sure your kid feels good all day? Check out our Dakine collection in particular!

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Buyer’s guide for a pair of snowboard or ski gloves.

Gloves, mitts, 3-finger mitts, glove liners, manufacturers keep bringing innovations onto the market. In just a few years we have seen new materials appearing like breathable materials, insulation, waterproof coating, etc. And we are not even talking about style and graphics! Junior models have never looked better. In order to help you find the glove that will meet your expectations, here is a little guide.

How to choose the size of your kid’s gloves?

In order to make sure your kid is well protected and have his hands warm, you need to pick gloves that have the right size. If they are too tight, the lining won’t work as it should, the blood flow will be impacted and the hands will get cold. If they are too large, the air volume inside the glove will require more heat. Don’t buy an oversized pair of gloves hoping it will last for years. Get a pair that fits well in which hands feel comfortable. On Glisshop, you will find with every brand a sizing chart that will help you pick the correct size.

Should you get gloves or mitts?

This is an interesting point. When you think of keeping your hands warm you think of wearing gloves and you often forgot about mitts. Gloves are trendy, fashionable, and they offer great mobility with the five fingers able to move independently. But they are not offering the same insulation and comfort as mitts do. If you look at the equipment of arctic explorers, you’ll see that they are all wearing mitts.

This is why you need to take in account the weather conditions your kid is going to encounter. Of course, this isn’t an easy task. Let say if you go out skiing when it’s sunny, a pair of gloves, breathable and waterproof, will do the job perfectly. But if you want to take your kids with you every single day, even if there’s a snow storm outside, then a pair of mitts is a safe pick.

The ideal solution is obviously to carry both with you and keep the mitts in your backpack, in a dry place. You take them out if conditions are getting worse. This is what most professionals recommend when you go on long trails in the mountain.

What is a 3-finger mitt?

First released a while ago, 3-finger mitts are a mix between a regular technical glove and a warm mitt. You get a hybrid glove with one thumb and one index that are free to move, and the three other fingers (middle, ring, little) are all held together like in a regular mitt. It is a good compromise for riders looking for agility and heat.

Visit our junior glove corner and equip your kid with the best gear ever!