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Kids ski pants

Looking for new ski pants for your kid?

Just ask your child if there is a model that he/she likes on glisshop.co.uk. It shouldn’t take long before he/she finds two or three models he wants. Which makes sense. Our store has the best and the trendiest brands for sale like Picture or Quiksilver. If you want him to be proud, you know what to do! And of course, every product we sell are carefully selected, they offer excellent protection against snow and keep little legs warm and dry.

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Buyer’s guide for junior ski pants

You know how annoying it can be to check on your kids every hour and make sure they didn’t get wet, they don’t feel too cold or too warm...it’s a full time job! This is why most manufacturers have started to derive their products for kids to make sure they had optimal protection on the slopes.

What are the benefits of junior ski pants?

Junior ski clothing features the same technologies as adult clothing and deliver the same performance. This is why you find Gore Tex membranes among other techs. High end fabrics have two functions. Shield you from the rain, the snow or the wind and allow your skin to breathe by letting sweat and moisture evaporate. These technical clothes ensure optimal water-repellancy and breathability. With his new Picture or Quiksilver pants, your kid will be ready to shred for hours. Equipped like a pro, he’ll soon get better than you! These pants often feature gaiters to prevent snow from going in the boots. Sometimes, there are also systems to clip the pants with the jacket and provide added protection. Perfect for young freeriders who want to dive into powder!

What are the trendiest profiles for junior ski pants?

If you watch the latest film of a pro rider you’ll realise that the actual trend is to wear freestyle-oriented clothing with a wide fit. Most brands follow the trend and offer a broad line of ski pants, more or less wide, with which mini riders can build up style and confidence!

What should you wear under your junior ski pants?

Most junior pants feature zippered venting either inside or outside the leg. This means kids can manage their temperature by themselves. Open if they’re too hot, close if they’re too cold. However, if it’s really cold outside, it is advisable to wear a base layer under the pants, like thermal leggings. They will help kids stay warm all day. Have a look in our online store, we also have them for sale.

Don’t wait any longer and get your kids some new ski pants from glisshop.co.uk!