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Splitboard set

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+ bindings Nitro Snowboard Nomad Top FRENCH DAYS
Recommended price £1,054.14
  • From From £857.82

The Nomad is a nimble Nitro splitboard that goes well on all terrains and offers a natural buoyancy on powder. Ideal for your first split!

Sizes available
  • 161
  • 165
+ bindings Nitro Snowboard Volta Overview FRENCH DAYS
Recommended price £990.52
  • From From £772.38

Both accessible and evolutive, the Nitro Volta women splitboard is ideal to discover the particularities of splitboard. It will make the happiness of intermediate and advanced riders!

Sizes available
  • 151
+ bindings Rossignol Snowboard Xv Split Overview 2021 collection
Recommended price £1,299.55
  • From From £1,169.66

The XV Split model is a high performance splitboard for freeride. It is very stable, precise and is suitable for all types of snow, while remaining light enough for the touring phases.  

Sizes available
  • 159
  • 163
  • 164W


Why and how to choose your splitboard pack?

Why buy a splitboard pack?

Because when you discover the intoxicating world of splitboarding, you may at first be scared by its technical aspect and spend time making sure you choose the right board with the right bindings. That's without counting on Glisshop who, like a shepherd guiding his lost sheep, puts you on the track with complete splitboard packs including board and compatible bindings. This way, the ewe becomes dahu and ventures into the confines of the mountain, in search of snowy peaks and dizzying slopes.

How to choose your splitboard pack?

To choose a splitboard pack without making a mistake, we advise you to take into account the level of practice and the riding style. As for a classic snowboard, some splitboards are more technically demanding than others, and there are also different shapes of boards for different uses.


Depending on the level of practice

The stiffness and camber of a splitboard will affect its performance and the level it requires. Thus, a rigid splitboard requires more power and control than a splitboard with an accessible flex. On the other hand, while the classic camber is the one that provides the best grip on hard snow, it is less permissive than a flat camber on edge faults. To help you choose, we take these characteristics into account and classify the splitboard packs by level of practice.

According to the shape

The shape of a spliboard indicates the program for which it was developed. So a splitboard with a directional shape, bulky at the nose and thinner on the back, is perfect for maximum freeride efficiency. Conversely, a twin-tip splitboard, i.e. symmetrical from nose to tail, is perfect for improving playability in the backcountry.

Depending on the bindings or the type of splitboard

Finally, the most knowledgeable will also be interested in the fastening system and the number of parts of the splitboard. If you have already splitboarded and tested different brands of splitboard bindings, you may have a preference for one system over another. You should therefore choose a brand of splitboard that is compatible with your choice of bindings. Choosing a three- or four-piece splitboard rather than a two-piece splitboard may also be a consideration. Indeed, if you plan long rides, a three- or four-piece model is a relevant choice because it will allow you to gain efficiency during acrobatics.

Which splitboard for which splitboarder?

If despite our advices you have difficulties to choose your splitboard pack, here is a very serious guide allowing you to make your choice according to your psychological profile.

Jones Hovercraft Split, for the hippie surfer in a Volkswagen Combi :

If you like psychedelic music, long hair and colorful t-shirts, then you're going to love the wood veneer of the Jones Hovercraft Split. With the look of a traditional Hawaiian surfboard like Alaia, this splitboard will be perfect for lovers of salt water and old German vans. Be careful not to forget your snow jacket, naked powder tends to irritate.

Jones Carbon Solution Split, for the ultra-sportsman with a protein diet.

Do you eat 12 eggs for breakfast, do CrossFit during your meridian break and have a passion for melting and the smell of perspiration? Then you need an ultra-sporty splitboard with a carbon-reinforced construction like the Jones Carbon Solution Split! A very stiff board that requires a lot of power in the legs.

Nitro Nomad, for the beginner who dreams of becoming Jeremy Jones or Xavier De le Rue.

If you know the Jeremy Jones or Xavier De le Rue videos by heart but a steep red one cools you down, head for an intermediate/confirmed splitboard like the Nitro Nomad. You'll be able to build up power gradually and won't be cooked in a few turns. Beware, going out in the mountains is an activity not to be taken lightly. It requires knowledge and experience to minimize the risk of accidents.

Jones Dream Catcher Split, for the mountain dweller who damages the ego of resort snowboarders

The mountain is your second home and the splitboard your favourite means of transport? The Jones Dream Catcher splitboard is the delight of adventurous women riders and the jealousy of snowboarders stuck in the gondola lift queues! Because the mountain is a great lady and only women can unlock its secret.