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Boot bags

Why should you need a boot bag?

If you want to keep your boots protected and in good shape for as long as possible, a boot bag will definitely help you. There are different models, more or less convenient and more or less durable but all making your life easier. Some bags feature a shoulder strap or a regular handle for an easy carry and some others come with backpack-like straps. There are even self-heating bags allowing your boots to dry super fast. On Glisshop, we have about 50 different models available, all with various features and covering a large range of prices.

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Buyer’s guide for a ski boot bag

The good thing with Glisshop, it’s that we have so many models that every skier can find the boot bag of his dreams even when on a budget. For a basic bag, count approximately £15. If you want the best bag on the market, it can go up to £130. Between these two ends, you will find many other models.

Looking for a durable boot bag?

Every bag we offer was carefully selected by our experts according to several criteria, including the durability of the materials they are made of and how strong they are against abrasion. It takes seconds to put your boots in and it makes things a lot easier when you travel. There are different strap systems allowing to carry the bag the way want, from a regular shoulder strap to a backpack, just pick your favorite option. These straps are generally padded and comfortable. Check out the Original Gear Backpack from Salomong or the Pro by Lange. In general, the bag’s bottom is waterproof to avoir the bag to drip in your car’s trunk or in the living room. You can also find models with accessory pockets which can be pretty handy!

What is the most advanced boot bag?

Rossignol stands out with their Hero Heated Bag, a top-shelf boot bag capable of drying your wet boots! You can either plug it on the wall in your room or on the car adapter and let it work. With this bag, you have the insurance of skiing with dry feet and you know how important this is. The small heating system and the fan inside the bag work like a charm. There is also the Boot Pack Pro Seat (still Rossignol) if you want a fancy bag. This one turns into an actual seat in seconds. Perect when you end the day and it’s still sunny!

How about a bag combined with an electric liner-dryer?

On Glisshop, you also have the option of buying a package including boot bag and boot heater by Conformable. Pick your favorite brand for the bag, Salomon, Lange, Rossignol or Glisshop, and add a boot dryer to make sure your feet are alway dry. You just need to put these little heaters in the boots, plug them and let them work during the night. You’ll be happy to find your boots warm and ready in the morning!

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