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Health & Hygiene

Are you looking to complement your hygiene kit for your hikes and camps?

To complement your hiking and camping equipment, you will find on this page all the health and hygiene items you might need outdoors. On the hygiene side, all the bathroom items exist, shampoo, soap and toothpaste but in a camping version. Regarding hygiene, you can find everything to take care of feet hurt by a long hike, and complete first air kits to tend to a wound. Then, as you will be out in the wild, it is necessary to protect yourself from the sun with proper sun screen. Also think about protection against insects, theses vicious little creatures that can, at best generate discomfort, and hitching, or worst, transmit illnesses like Lyme disease. Cover yourself, use insect repellent, check your skin. Do not forget to remove any tic using a special tic removal tool, contrary to non-specific tools it allows to remove the whole body of the tic.

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Bdv Foot care Baumedesvallées Pack 18 + Prés Gris OverviewBdv Foot care Baumedesvallées Pack 18 + Prés Gris Side
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Akileine Foot care Nok Creme Anti Frottement 75 M L OverviewAkileine Foot care Nok Creme Anti Frottement 75 M L
  • £9.23

With the NOK - 75ml anti-chafing cream from Akileïne you can say goodbye to blisters and irritations. It allows to protect the areas most prone to chafing and reinforce the skin by softening and moisturizing it.