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Mountain safety

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Mammut Shovel Alugator Ride 2.0 2149 neon orange Overview
Recommended price £52.86

The Alugator Ride 2.0 Neon Orange avalanche shovel from the Mammut brand of mountain accessories will please you with its lightness, robustness, practicality and ergonomics

BCA Beacon package Ts Rescue Package Set OverviewBCA Beacon package Ts Rescue Package Set Back
Recommended price £268.71
Pieps Beacon package PIEPS SET POWDER BT OverviewPieps Beacon package PIEPS SET POWDER BT Overview
Recommended price £322.47
ABS Probe A.SSURE set Dusk Overview
Recommended price £88.70

Composed of 7 parts that fit into each other and are tensioned by a Dyneema cable, the ABS A.SSURE Sonder Dusk probe allows you to find an avalanche victim

BCA Transceivers Tracker S Overview
Recommended price £223.91
Colour available
  • BCA Transceivers Tracker S Overview
Ortovox Shovel Pro Light Safety Blue Overview

The Pro Light Safety Blue is a lightweight snow shovel designed by Ortovox. Ideal for long ski tours. Incredible strength-to-weight ratio.

BCA Transceivers Tracker 3 Overview Discontinued
Recommended price £268.71

Light digital device, the BCA Tracker 3 features 3 antennas and a 40m search band width. Multi-victim display in real time very intuitive. Ideally suited for ski touring.

Colour available
  • BCA Transceivers Tracker 3 Overview
ABS First Aid A.SSURE Trousse de secours Dusk OverviewABS First Aid A.SSURE Trousse de secours Dusk Overview
Recommended price £22.31
Arva Shovel Access OverviewArva Shovel Access Back

In an emergency situation, the Arva Access shovel is very efficient thanks to its 2 mm thick bucket and its 42 cm long anodized aluminium handle

Colour available
  • Arva Shovel Access Overview
Arva Probe Access 240 Overview

Equipped with a kevlar cord tension system and made of 7075 aluminium, the Arva Access 240 probe is robust and light, with a total length of 2.40 m.

Ortovox Shovel Badger Safety Blue Overview

The Badger Safety Blue is a sturdy and efficient Ortovox aluminium snow shovel with raised edges and an ergonomic handle. Simple and robust construction.

Pieps First Aid Bivy Single OverviewPieps First Aid Bivy Single Back
Recommended price £62.63


Pieps Probe Iprobe Bt 260 - Sans Overview

More than just a probe, the Pieps Iprobe BT 260 is an intelligent probe that saves you time and efficiency, thanks to its quick set-up and visual and audible assistance

Arva Shovel PELLE AXE OverviewArva Shovel PELLE AXE Face

The Arva Axe excavator is very versatile as it can be transformed into a pickaxe. It has a very light weight for easy transport in your backpack. 

Ortovox Shovel Pro Alu III Safety Blue Overview

Along with the avalanche transceiver and the probe, the Ortovox Pro Alu III Safety Blue snow shovel is one of the essentials to have in your backpack for safe freeriding or hiking

Mammut Probe Probe 280 Fast Lock Neon Orange OverviewMammut Probe Probe 280 Fast Lock Neon Orange Back

With 7 sections for a total length of 2.80 m, the Mammut Probe 280 Fast Lock Neon Orange is the tool you need to rescue a buried victim.

Pieps Beacon package Set Micro Race - Sans OverviewPieps Beacon package Set Micro Race - Sans Overview
Recommended price £331.43
BCA Probe Stealth 240 Cm Carbon Orange Overview

The BCA Stealth 240 cm Carbon Orange probe is a fast and easy to use backcountry ski and snowboard accessory for avalanche rescue, thanks to its lightweight and miniature design


Buyer’s guide for safety equipment.

When you’re about to go off piste, the first thing you think of is the nice untouched slope you’re going to ride. Or perhaps the gorgeous landscapes you’re going to see. But don’t rush, take the time to prepare your session carefully. Analyse your line, the snow conditions and the weather forecast as well as the avalanche risks. If you are not sure about one or more, better delay your session. You have only one life. The avalanche safety gear (beacon, probe, shovel) is with you in case things don’t go as planned but in an ideal world, you shouldn’t have to use it!

How does an avalanche beacon work?

The avalanche transceiver or beacon has two functions, transmit or receive. In other words, it either helps you find burried victims, or help the others find you. In transmit mode, the device emits radio signals continuously. This means if you were to get caught in an avalanche, it would continue to emit (even when covered of snow) and help the others locate your position. The receive mode is for when you look for a victim. Basic transceivers will bip faster and faster and louder and louder as you get closer to the body. Modern beacons are easier to use as they point the direction of the victim with an arrow and display the distance between you and the victim. High-end transceivers can even help you locate several victims.

Are the shovel and the probe really needed?

15 minutes. This is the time limit established for retrieving an avalanche victime. It may seem long enough but in real conditions, time flies. The beacon will lead you to the victim but only the probe will help you locate it precisely. And even if you have located it, your bare hands won’t help much to dig the snow. A shovel will. An avalanche beacon, a probe and a shovel are three things that go together. If you buy a shovel, you can buy a convertible one that turns into an ice pick for even more efficiency. And even if you have the best safety gear ever, you need to know how to use it and nothing replaces training. We highly recommend to train on how to recover avalanche victims on a regular basis!

How about the ABS airbag?

This technical piece of equipment features a system with an air cartridge that inflates an airbag. To activate, just pull the handle. This technology was proven to be efficient and increases drastically your odds to stay afloat on top of the avalanche. It is a great extra feature for freeriders.

So, before it’s too late, have a look at our avalanche safety gear!