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Classic cross-country ski gear

Are you looking for equipment for classic cross-country skiing?

The classic technique is the essence of cross-country skiing, the fundamental technique that allows you to learn how to position yourself well and to have finesse on the supports. At Simon Fourcade Nordic we are particularly attached to the classic style because of its historical side, the beauty of the technique when it is well done but also for all the benefits it offers in the versatility of practice and technical learning, even for skating. Classic is a technique that can also be practiced at low intensity more easily than skating, which requires much more muscular work at the beginning. Based on this observation, we have done our utmost to offer you a wide choice of skis so that you can find what suits you best, according to your expectations, your goals or your budget.
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Swix Nordic skins maintenance Swix Skin Cleaner 70Ml (Avec F Iberlene) OverviewSwix Nordic skins maintenance Swix Skin Cleaner 70Ml (Avec F Iberlene) Beneath
  • £21.50

The Swix Skin Cleaner is a very easy to use skin cleaner for your skis. It allows a complete cleaning to maintain a good ratio grip / glide and extend the life of your skis

Vauhti Nordic skins maintenance Skin Ski Cleaner 80ml Overview
  • £12.45

Vauhti Skin Ski Cleaner cleans and re-waterproofs the skins of classic cross-country skis. Very useful for regular ski maintenance.

Madshus Nordic Ski Boot Race Speed Classic OverviewMadshus Nordic Ski Boot Race Speed Classic
  • Recommended price



  • 42
  • 44
  • 45
Atomic Nordic Ski Boot Pro C1 OverviewAtomic Nordic Ski Boot Pro C1 Face
  • Recommended price




The Atomic C1 cross-country ski boot is perfect for working on your classical technique and is tolerant and accessible both physically and financially.

  • 10 (44 2/3)
  • 10.5 (45 1/3)
Salomon Nordic Ski Boot RC9 Vitane Nocturne Prolink OverviewSalomon Nordic Ski Boot RC9 Vitane Nocturne Prolink Side
  • £143.27

The Salomon RC9 Vitane Nocturne Prolink female cross-country ski boot is very comfortable for long classic outings, offering a good level of support and an excellent balance of the foot.

  • 3.5 (36)
  • 4 (36 2/3)
  • 4.5 (37 1/3)
Fischer Nordic binding Race Classic Ifp Overview
  • Recommended price



Madshus Nordic Ski Boot Redline Classic OverviewMadshus Nordic Ski Boot Redline Classic
  • Recommended price



  • 41
  • 44
Atomic Nordic binding Prolink Race CL Overview
  • Recommended price




The Atomic Prolink Race Classic binding is designed for high-performance skis. Light and thin, it offers great sensations and precise energy transfers.

Fischer Nordic Ski Boot Rcs Classic OverviewFischer Nordic Ski Boot Rcs Classic Side
  • Recommended price





  • 37
Swix Nordic skins maintenance Skin Care Pro Cold OverviewSwix Nordic skins maintenance Skin Care Pro Cold Side
  • £39.42

Swix Skin Care Pro Cold wipes optimize the glide of your skis on snow between -10 and -2°C. Fast drying and easy to apply, it is an essential product.

Swix Nordic skins maintenance Skin Care Pro Warm OverviewSwix Nordic skins maintenance Skin Care Pro Warm Side
  • £39.42

Swix Skin Care Pro Warm wipes improve the glide of skis. Designed for snow temperatures between +2 and +10°C, they apply a highly effective anti-fouling treatment.

Start Nordic skins maintenance Skin Cleaner Spray 85Ml OverviewStart Nordic skins maintenance Skin Cleaner Spray 85Ml Beneath
  • £12.81

The Skin Cleaner Spray from Start allows you to maintain your skins properly. A cleaning from time to time allows to keep a good ratio grip/slide for a longer life

Madshus Nordic Ski Boot Endurace Classic OverviewMadshus Nordic Ski Boot Endurace Classic Beneath
  • Recommended price



  • 38
  • 45


The different styles of classic cross-country skis and how to choose them?

Classic skis are generally longer than skating skis, with a few exceptions. They have this length because in order to provide the necessary restraint for the alternative step a restraint zone is mandatory, this zone is located at the level of the skate, i.e. 20 cm at the front of the foot and up to the rear foot. But to be able to keep a maximum of glide it is necessary to add length to the ski in order to have sole length at the front and at the back which will compensate the lack of glide of the restraining part by the effect of friction on snow.

There are several types of restraint systems:

  • The scales which are less and less in sight today.
  • Skin systems, which are currently the most used.
  • Waxing skis used in the competition environment and whose grip depends on a restraining wax adapted to the snow temperature.
  • Finally, there are the so-called 0 skis, which are made for falling snow that tends to make the skis kick. These skis have a micropore retention zone and are generally only used for competitions in specific conditions.

Most skiers have nowadays adopted skin systems that are the best compromise between grip comfort and gliding performance. As with skating, there are skis suitable for all levels. In classic even more than in skating the choice of a ski is made by level of course but also, and especially according to the weight of the skier. This is the most important criterion of choice if you want to have skis with a good grip and glide ratio. A ski too long and rigid prevents you from finding the grip on difficult profiles. And a ski that is too soft will penalize you strongly in terms of glide.

Classic boots what design and what to choose?

Most classic cross-country ski boots have a lower upper than skating boots. On the one hand, this is because the movement of the classic style is axial and not lateral, and on the other hand, because classic boots must have maximum forward flexibility for optimal foot roll. Therefore, they do not have collars like skating boots and have a much softer sole at the front. Depending on the level, there are boots with very different designs.

The top of the range boots are equipped with frames with carbon side stiffeners which stabilize the foot laterally for changes of tracks and turning steps. Their soles are also made of carbon and offer more dynamic propulsion. Performance-oriented mid-range models are usually equipped with carbon or plastic and injected carbon side buttresses, and leisure models are equipped with plastic buttresses with soft plastic soles. So there's something for everyone, depending on what you want to do and your budget.

One important thing to remember about shoes is that there are different standards that fit different bindings. The most popular are now the NNN, Prolink or Turnamic boots, these three standards are 100% compatible and allow a much wider choice of equipment for skis and bindings. Then there are the SNS Profil and SNS Pilot standards which are now more in the background because they do not offer the versatility of the other systems.

It is therefore very important when choosing your equipment to make sure that you make the right choice of boot and binding standards. We are here to help you with this, so if you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact our advisers.

Classic cross-country ski bindings, specificities and choice :

Classic bindings are for the most part very similar in terms of design to skating bindings. The big difference is usually due to the flex pad located on the front of the boot. In classic style, the flex should help you extend your axial movement and foot roll, so flexes are quite flexible. For the choice of bindings, you have to refer to the standard of the shoe, even if as said before, today three 100% compatible standards have taken over, the NNN, Prolink and Turnamic systems. They are compatible with Rossignol, Fischer, Alpina, Madshus, Salomon Prolink and Atomic Prolink shoes. Shoes under SNS Profil standards are only compatible with bindings of the same standard, it is the same for the SNS Pilot standard.

There are of course several levels of ranges, and these generally depend on the materials used to make the plates or at Turnamic the different lever clamps.