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Snowboard bags

What snowboard bag is best for this winter?

Having a nice board may be cool and all but you also need to carry it around in the resort. To do so, snowboards big names rival one another in ingenuity and offer a myriad of snowboard bags for each board length. The more you go up in range, the more technical, practical and solid it gets. The most relentless riders will even find tailored snowboard bags that can carry multiple boards and all the gear that go with them to be prepared to face each type of snow!

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Keeping your board and all the gear that goes with it in a bag, how does that sound to you?

The time where you had to carry all your stuff with you in the resort is over. With the help of a strong and well-designed bag, you can now carry your board, your boots and all the rest with ease. The secret? A bag that's tailored for the size of your board. And the bigger it is, the more equipment you will be able to fit in. Simple and efficient, the snowboard bag is not only practical, it will also protect your board against impacts and scratches. At Glisshop, we have selected around 50 models in order to meet all expectations and budgets.

You'll find above a large selection of board sleeves suited to carry your snowboard anywhere with ease. At Glisshop, we give a very strong focus to the quality of the products we sell and we work hard everyday to incorporate the best brands and the best products on our shelves. Whether these bags were made by snowboard manufacturers like Burton, Picture or Nitro or whether they're built by bags makers such as Dakine or Evoc, you can rely on them to do a proper job. Board bags can come with a variety of features, looks and designs, they can store one or two boards, sometimes they have enough room to store your bindings and boots, it's really up to you to decide what you need and pick accordingly. Check our selection of Rossignol bags, Roxy sleeves, Safe Protective Accessories or Thule, Winter Your Life...and that's just to name a few.

What size should I choose for my snowboard bag?

It all depends on the size of your board and if you own more than one, make your choice based on the longest one. Glisshop has snowboard bags that go from 130cm to 172cm. Do not hesitate to choose a bag that's a few centimeters bigger than your board, who knows? You might fall for a new board next year!

The inner volume also changes drastically from one model to another. It's no surprise to say that the entry-level bags will be the most simple ones and will only be able to welcome one board, eventually with a few accessories. You will need to go up in range to find something that's a bit bigger. Only then you will be able to carry more than one board along a proper quantity of equipment and even your boots thanks to exterior pockets devoted to this purpose. The biggest bags are mounted on skate wheels to facilitate your journeys and can even pass airport security thanks to their zips homologated by the air security authorities. With this kind of zips, all you need is a little lock and you will retrieve you bag intact on arrival. This way, your equipment will follow you on slopes all around the globe!

What are the most interesting options for my snowboard bag?

To guarantee a good protection of the boards, your bag must be well padded in order to prevent unexpected shocks. Generally, the higher you go in the range, the toughest your bag will be. And if you want to avoid ruining the trunk of your car, it could be wise to invest a bit more and buy a waterproof bag. Most of these models are of course equipped with many handles as well as a few straps to carry your bag on the shoulder. Do not forget to check if your bag comes with a system to wedge your boards in place during transport so that they don't move too much.