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Buyer's guide for nordic ski wax bench or iron:

Waxing holds an important place in the gliding performance of your cross country skis. However, for effective waxing you need a well-maintained ski so it doesn't move. That's why specialist waxing brands have created effective, user-friendly products. The following buyer's guide will help you to choose the bench best suited to your needs.

You have a workbench but nowhere to hang your cross country skis?

The nordic vices will definitely appeal to you. The attach easily to your workbench and are all you need for hanging your cross country ski. The ski is held in place by a part that is similar to the coupling bar of your boot. Perfect for travellers as well, the nordic vice can be easily put in a cover or bag and can be attached to any support.

Looking for a sizeable bench to prepare your cross country skis?

Complete benches are perfect for preparing your skis before and during the season. Used by skiers who put utmost care and diligence into maintaining their skis, they come with a large tray for holding all your waxing tools. The four feet provide the stability necessary for effective waxing. To hold your skis you should also choose a shape compatible with the bench.