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Structure tool buying guide:

You are trying to improve your glide by adapting the structure of your skis to the snow conditions but you feel a bit lost? No worries, this guide is here to help.

What's a cross-country ski structure tool?

The structure tool is a must have for competitors. You can often see waxing specialists structure tool in hand standing by the side of their riders before a race. They are simply helping them to improve their glide performance.

So, how does a structure tool work? The principle is quite simple: the structure tool is composed of a roll that will mark your sole with small grooves of different sizes and forms depending on the snow conditions. This will enhance the flow of water under the base. You will notice that various rolls exist depending on the different snow conditions. If you decide to buy some additional rolls, be careful to choose them from the same brand as your structure tool as compatibility between brands is not yet on the agenda.

How does it work?

To obtain a good glide, you need to study the snow. You will find the operating conditions of each roll on their product sheet.

The structure is always done from the tip to the tail of the ski. Structures can of course be used by pairs to get a better result under certain conditions. Do not forget to brush your gear after application.

It is important to add that an enhanced structure will only improve your glide is your waxing is good and your sole well maintained.