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Racing protectors

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Komperdell Racing protection Protege Bras Wc Adulte Overview 10% off
  • £81.81

To avoid bruises, contusions and other serious injuries in ski racing, wearing a forearm protector like this World Cup model from Komperdell can be a good idea!

Poc Racing protection Forearm Classic Fluorescent Orange OverviewPoc Racing protection Forearm Classic Fluorescent Orange Side
  • £90.91

The Forearm Classic from Poc, here in Fluorescent Orange color to not go unnoticed on the slopes, is a protection for the forearm both ergonomic and robust.


Buyer’s guide for racing protections

If you really want to get into competition and specifically into slalom, you need to wear specific protectors, adapted to your practice and approved for competing. They must be rock hard and create as little air resistance as possible. On Glisshop, our experts have selected leg protectors and pole protectors from the best manufacturers in the world.

How to choose the right leg protector for your ski comps?

The word slalom comes from Telemark which is a norwegian county and it’s in Mürren, Switzerland that the first special slalom happened in 1922. The idea was pretty straight forward: rush downhill as fast as possible while linking turns that passed through gates symbolized by red poles and blue poles. The racer had to pass between every single gate so in order to be the fastest, turns needed to be tight and fast. This means that you need to hit the gate’s pole at every turn, and you hit it hard. That’s why protectors appeared, they protect your legs and your hands, avoiding painful bruises or worse. On Glisshop, we have made a large selection of shin protectors manufactured by leader brands such as Rossignol or Leki. They are lightweight and functional. You strap them on your leg with a velcro strap. They come in one size and suit men as well as women. They are built in polypropylen, a hard plastic that can withstand impacts and shocks even under cold temperatures.

Looking for pole protectors?

If you want to look like your favorite champion and win the race and step on the podium, make sure you are protected. Pole protectors will cover your hands and protect them from the slalom gates. This accessory needs to be attached around your ski pole grip and shields your hand from elements. You can pick any brand we have, they all guarantee optimal protection, aerodynamics and functionality. Now, all you have to do it train and work on your best looking profile when you’ll be on the podium ;)

Make your racing season a success and make sure you wear racing protectors!