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Gear maintenance

How to maintain your skis the DIY way?

You probably know that bad feeling of skiing over a small rock on the slope and end up with a scratched base. Or your edges are a little worn out and you want ot give them a refresh. Or perhaps you just want a block of wax for a faster glide. You'll find here everything you need for those tasks. Make sure you got the right equipment and maintaining your skis is a piece of cake. Blocks of wax, brushes, edge tuners, scrapers, waxing irons, everything that can help you make your board or your skis perform better is right below.

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Want to maintain your skis or board by yourself?

No worries, browse through our store and buy what you need to wax or to repair your gear. You can also get the equipment to tune your edges if needed. Basically, there’s everything to make your skis as new!

What are the basics for keeping your gear in shape?

It is really nice to ride with new skis, but unfortunately they don’t stay new forever! The edge grip gets worse as the edges get used, the glide is not as smooth and sometimes it even feels like you’re sticking on the snow due to a damaged base or a base lacking wax. The good thing is, every problem has a solution. Our best tip is to get a small maintenance kit. It will allow you to repair your equipment, wax your base with a universal spray or sharpen your edges easily. It is the ideal kit for quick fixes in the resort. But if you want the real deal, we have other maintenance kits that are a lot more complete with waxing irons, blocks of wax or copper and nylon brushes inside. With this equipment, you can maintain your skis or board more efficiently with higher finish quality. We also have tons of tools available like screwdrivers, spare buckles and outsoles for Rossignol boots, easy carry systems for your skis and poles and even high precision thermometers to help you use the right wax depending on the snow temperature.

Looking for a complete set of tools?

On Glisshop, you can find everything you need for repairing and maintaining your equipment like a pro. On top of our maintenance kits, you will also find foldable waxing tables, functional workbenches and more. We have edge tuners, scrapers, files, brushes, various blocks of wax for different conditions,etc. Our tool corner is fully loaded. Come and visit!

Is it difficult to tune ski edges?

Needless to be a pro to keep your edges sharp! Files can now be used with guides which makes things a lot easier. There are dozens of video tutorials on Internet to help you do it step by step. Just be cautious and consistent and make sure you don’t cut yourself once your edges will be as sharp as a razor!

Come and discover our broad range of tools and maintenance equipment!