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Looking for a new ski helmet or a snowboard helmet?

Excellent news! Wearing one is strongly recommended. At Glisshop, we have a lot of models available for you, all complying with the current safety standards. You can view our 9 top picks or browse through our selection below to discover the models of all your favourite brands: Poc, Cairn, Atomic, Cebe or Oakley. We’ve got you covered! More and more riders, skiers or snowboarders, are wearing ski helmets for freestyle, freeride or alpine skiing. This piece of protective gear has become fashionable and there are many shapes, colours and styles available with plenty of options to choose from. From removable ear pads to ski helmet headphones if you like to answer calls or listen to music while riding, we have what you need. Moreover, we have helmets available for everyone, men's ski helmets, women's ski helmets and kids ski helmets.

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Buyer’s guide for a ski helmet or a snowboard helmet

You want to buy a ski helmet or a snowboard helmet but you have no clue on how to pick the right one. There there, we’re here to help. This buyer’s guide will help you find the helmet that fits your needs.

How to choose the size of a ski helmet or a snowboard helmet?

There is nothing simpler! In order to choose the correct size of your helmet, you need to measure the circumference of your head. Take a tape measure and circle your head (over your ears and eyebrows). In general, a standard head size is between 51 and 66cm. Then pick a helmet size that includes yours. Easy. Feel free to contact us if you have more questions.

What do you need to check when you buy a ski helmet or a snowboard helmet?

Every ski helmet sold by Glisshop sticks to the current european norms (CE-EN 1077). But there are other criteria you need to look at. First, the weight. High-end models are often lighter (for the same level of protection) thanks to innovative materials. It is an important matter of comfort. The lighter it gets, the less you feel it. Venting is also important as it allows to regulate temperature inside and evacuate sweat. Also, some helmet's inner paddings are removable and washable, this can be handy for those who sweat a lot.

What are the trends in the world of ski helmets?

Some models feature internal audio systems with integrated earphones while others are designed to work with your own audio system. In terms of style, everyone has his own tastes: matte or shiny, visors, integrated photochromic lenses, flashy colours or patterns, fleece lining or small details, make sure you pick what you like!

When it comes to the brands, you can always count on the experts, Giro, Bliz, Briko, Casco, Dainese and Diezz, go for the riders choice with big names such as Salomon, Marker, K2, Quiksilver, Rossignol, and Dynafit or bet everything on style with Roxy, Picture, Smith, Anon or Uvex.