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Men's ski boots

Looking for a new pair of boots?

Glisshop has a large selection of ski boots for men. Whether you’re up for some off-piste skiing or for some clean carved turns on groomers, we have skiing boots for everyone. Here is our selection of freeride ski boots but we also have touring boots or freestyle specific ones available for sale. And if you want to stick to the latest trends, check out the ski boots lineup. We also have recreational boots designed for discovering the joys of skiing or the more advanced recreational/performance category for intermediate skiers who’d like to progress their game. Browse through our sporty ski boots if you're an expert skier and if skiing on piste is not your thing and you’d rather climb the mountains with skins under your skis, have a look at our range of freetouring boots, there might be what you’re looking for.

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Tips for buying men ski boots

How to choose your men ski boots? They must be comfortable and match your skiing style. In order to make the best choice, here are a few recommendations.

The versatility of your ski boot matters

When you choose you ski boots, be rational and reasonable. For instance, there is no need to go for hybrid freeride/touring boots if you only go skiing a few times a year. Don’t buy ultra technical boots if you ride on piste as much as you ride off piste. Better pick something versatile if you do a bit of everything rather than something very specific.

The flex rate of the boot depends on your skiing level

The flex means how stiff your boot is. It is an important matter when you buy boots. Depending on your level and style (piste, freeride, freestyle), the flex needs to be harder or softer. A flex rating between 60 and 80 is ideal for intermediate skiers. From 90 to 110, it is for advanced skiers. Expert skiers will ride boots with a flex at 120 and above (competition boots). In general, we consider that a flex at 90, even for very good skiers, is enough for a freeride or freestyle use.

Comfort is the best!

Current ski boots deliver enough performance for recreational skiing: if you are a good skier without being a professional, focus on comfort rather than performance or precision. Look closely at the comfort details (padded liner, reinforced tongue, dual density insoles, insulation, boot last)