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Women's snow boots

Check out our selection of women's snow boots!

Whether you're heading to the mountain for your next winter holidays or you're just looking for a pair of comfortable winter boots to stay warm and comfy during winter, you'll find them on Glisshop. We have a large selection from the best manufacturers ensuring best thermal insulation and heat retention. Coated with faux-fur and soft as silk, these women's snow boots offer comfort, grip and style! And if you want to make your man happy, check out our men's collection!

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Buyer’s guide for women’s shoes

The major brands in the winter industry have a large offering of boots, all loaded with style and comfort. You know that the highlight of the day is when you take your ski boots off. No matter how much we all enjoy skiing, wearing ski boots for hours compresses your foot and it’s a breeze to take them off. But it gets even better when you take them off to put your feet in some soft and warm and furry boots don’t you think? We also have more casual / lifestyle summery shoes. These women shoes are usually made of canvas or denim or cotton, they’re light and breathable and feature reinforced soles to absorb shocks and impacts with more efficiency. Ladie appreciate this type of shoes a lot as they are a piece of fashion on their own!

What is a good women winter boot?

As its name suggests, the winter boot was designed to be used when it’s cold and snowy out there. It may be for going to the restaurant in the resort, for staying out partying all night or for taking your kids to a sledge session, the winter boot does it all and ensures great comfort when doing it. Sorel, the Canadian expert manufacturer, has years of experience in making high-end products and is renowned in the industry. Their boots are comfortable and super efficient in extreme conditions. Women can put their fears to rest, their feet will be coated in fur and shielded from the cold. The boots offer tons of ergonomics and guarantee optimal traction on the floor. You can walk on icy streets and wander in the cold with confidence. You can also go hiking with snowshoes if you like!

Looking for an affordable pair of Moon Boots?

There is Sorel, and there are the legendary Moon Boots by Tecnica. They are probably the most notorious boots in the world, recognizable by their unique shape and design. Comfort is on focus with the Moon Boots. They were first released in the 70’s and have never gotten old since. Every year, designers find a way to renew them without changing them. It’s like magic. By bringing new colours or slight variations in the design, the boots look different and yet remain real ‘Moon Boots’. High profile, low profile, matte or shiny, sober or colourful, there are dozens of models so that every woman can find her match. Pick the boots that compliment your jacket and walk in the streets as if you were walking in a pair of slippers. You can spend hours in the snow without feeling cold!

Discover our selection of winter boots and skateshoes for women