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Bags & sleeves

Where can you find good ski bags?

Where do you think? On Glisshop of course, and more precisely in our accessories/bags corner. You can find nearly hundred different models in store, from the basic one to the most advanced bag. And we have everyone covered as we sell ski bags as well as snowboard bags, along with boot bags or helmet sleeves. You can protect pretty much all of your equipment and make sure it doesn’t wear or catch rust during summer. Bags are also very convenient when traveling to the mountains. They make the carrying a lot easier!

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Buyer’s guide for a ski or snowboard bag

If you plan to travel with your skis or your board, we thoroughly recommend to use a bag. Ski, snowboard, boots, helmet, there are bags for everything and everyone. Forget about the pain of carrying your stuff and dropping half of it on the floor, things are easier when there is a handle or a strap! Check out our selection and get what you need!

Which bag for carrying your skis?

Of course, you can always carry your skis on your shoulder if it’s for a short walk to the slopes. But if the walk gets too long, you know your shoulder is going to hurt. Our best advice: put your skis in a bag, your shoulder will thank you. It’s nicer to put a strap on it than metallic edges don’t you think? It’s also less tiring. Plus, a ski bag fits all budgets so there are really no reasons for not getting one for yourself and protect your skis. The least expensive ones are pretty basic but they do the job. If you want your ski bag to do more than just a bag, check out what’s higher in the range. It really depends on what you’re expecting from it and how often you use it. If you are an occasional skier and you are traveling to the mountain once a year, a basic skibag will do. But if you travel often then you probably want to buy something more functional and more comfortable. A bag with numerous pockets for instance, in which you put your tools or your accessories. You may want a bag offering more room as well if you own a few pairs of skis. The Rossignol Hero Skibag can hast up to 3 pairs of skis!

How to pick a snowboard bag?

Board riders also have their bags. One, two or three boards for the most passionate, the first thing you need to know when you pick your bag is how many boards you want to put in it. Then, pick a bag that is longer than your longest board. There’s nothing worse than realising your board doesn’t fit. Check if the bag is padded, if there are straps inside to attach the board and if there are straps outside to carry the bag easily. Finally, if after all this you still have a few options, just get the brand you prefer or the bag that looks the nicest to you!

Do you need a boot bag?

Some bags can host everything including skis or boards, boots and more. But it’s not always convenient and your may damage your equipment. You don’t want your boots to scratch your skis do you? The best option is probably to have a bag for each. This way, you make sure everything is protected and it makes the carrying easier.

How about your helmet?

Helmets have become a trendy item on the slopes which is a good thing, but keeping it intact is very important so better protect it with a helmet bag. On Glisshop we have many models for sale, simple and inexpensive, keeping your helmet away from scratches!

Discover our range of ski, snowboard, boots and helmet bags on Glisshop. Come discover our bag 1 pair of ski, bag 2 pairs of ski and bag ski with wheels.

Well, now you know everything, all that’s left to do is pick your favourite model amongst our brands.

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