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Men's ski sets

Looking for a complete alpine ski set with bindings already fitted and adjusted to your needs?

Glisshop’ men's ski sets await. From the fat freeride ski to the lively piste-specific blade, choose the ski that suits your needs and complete the package with the bindings you like. Our skimen will mount them and adjust them according to your technical skills, height, weight, etc, to make sure they release correctly in case of a fall. Glisshop, it's also a large selection of men's ski boots to complete your set with.

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Buyer’s guide for a ski package for men

You’d like to get full alpine ski set with bindings but you have no clue how to mount and adjust them. No worries, just read the guide below, we’ll help you out.

What type of skier are you?

In order to help you pick the right ski, we need to know what is your favorite playground. Freeride skis work totally differently than all-mountain skis or freestyle skis. Piste amateurs want to choose narrow skis. The provide faster edge to edge transfers and added manoeuverability. If you want an easy ski that turns effortlessly, you will get a ski with a rockered tip which also enhances playfulness and forgiveness. But if you are an expert skier and you like speed over all, better pick skis with camber, more responsive, designed to handle fast turns. However, if skiing rhymes with silence and powder snow to your ears, then you will need wider skis located in the freeride line. Big rockered tip and oversized sidecuts make these skis’ DNA. They are powder monsters and float and manoeuver through the deep with ease. Finally, if you are more into freestyle and you mission is to land as many tricks as possible in a day, then you will look for twin-tipped skis which you can ride in both directions (regular or fakie). These skis are poppy to help you jump higher off park kickers.

Which binding is best suited for your needs?

Second element of your ski package for men: the alpine binding

Let us remind you why it’s there first: the binding transfers the energy from the skier to the ski in order to help you steer it. The binding also ensures immediate release when you fall or when you apply more pressure than your knees can handle.This means the binding needs to be adjusted precisely so it doesn’t release when you don’t need it to but only when stress goes over a certain value. Generally called DIN, this value sticks to the Afnor FD S 52-748 norm and guarantees a release regardless of the type of fall.

Of course, you need to select a binding offering a range of settings adjusted to your skills. We designed a calculator for you, it will help you figure out the setting you need and therefore find the binding that suits you (with a range of DINs including yours). For instance, if you need a release value (or DIN value) at 6, a binding ranging from 3 to 10 is better than one ranging from 6 to 18.

Ski manufacturers also derive their bindings with different brake widths so that they can adapt to every ski available on the market.

Every binding we selected for the men ski package works with the ski you previously selected and if you have the slightest doubt, do not hesitate to contact one our ski expert, he will be happy to help!

Your alpine ski package fitted to your needs!

Owning a pair of skis and a pair of bindings is good, but having them fitted together is better. With our ski packages for men, you know that your bindings are mounted on your skis by a professional who will also adjust the release value according to the details you provide when buying the ski set. This means that you receive a pair of skis ready to use right out of the box.