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Tired of getting hurt? Get your protectors from Glisshop!

Freeriders, freestylers and racers, everyone is subject to an injury. Freeriders may hit a rock, freestylers may not land as expected from a jump or racers may hit a slalom a slalom gate at full speed. On Glisshop, we have you covered with the best protectives available on the market. So before trying a new trick in the park or before slaying a new slope in the backcountry, make sure you wear your wrist, knee and elbow protectors! Racers can also find leg protectors!

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Buyer’s guide for ski protections

If skiing on piste requires just a ski helmet, you may want to updrade your protection level if you are about to hit the snowpark or go freeriding. On Glisshop, we have all you need for keeping you safe, no matter how extreme your needs are.

What protectors for freeriding?

Once you go past the ropes, you have a whole new world within reach. Untouched powdery slopes, steep couloirs and cornices, the definition of freedom. But this doesn’t come without risks. First of all, avalanches. It is the most dangerous thing that could happen to you and it is not something you can always plan to avoid. In order to increase your chances, always carry a beacon, a shovel and a probe. But beyond this, skiing off piste can take you to unknown areas in the mountain including rocks or trees, and these are not covered with protection foams like the lift towers on the slopes. Lose control for one second and you can hurt yourself really bad. To avoid this, Glisshop offers various protectorss to shield yourself from the most brutal impacts. Atomic back protectors, Icetool protection shorts or knee and elbow protectors, you can wear an entire armor! Still aim for powder and not rocks huh? Protections are tough but not magical!

Looking for protection accessories for your park sessions?

If you are more of a freestyler and your thing is jumping off kickers, tables and rails, then make sure you’re well protected cause landing a trick badly can be fatal. We thoroughly recommend to wear the whole armor to freestylers. Helmet, back protector, shorts and wrists will help you stay in one piece and learn new tricks painlessly!

How about racing, what protections do you need?

If you want to beat the stopwatch, there is only one option, ride as fast as you can and take risks. So if you want to link the GS gates at warp speed, you better be protected. You can find everything you may need in our racing corner. From leg protectors to integral hand protections on poles, you’ll never fear to hit a gate at full speed ever again!

Ski and stay safe! Discover our wide selection of protections!