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Foot comfort

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Sidas Sole 3D Comfort OverviewSidas Sole 3D Comfort Side
  • Recommended price




The Sidas Comfort 3D insoles are very easy to place inside your ski, snowboard, hiking boots or simply your everyday shoes. 

  • XS (35-36)
  • S (37-38)
  • M (39-41)
  • L (42-43)
  • XL (44-45)
  • XXL (46-47)
Sidas Foot protector Footcare Kit OverviewSidas Foot protector Footcare Kit Cyber Days
  • Recommended price




Ideal for limiting and relieving pain, avoiding blisters and protecting toes from impact, the Sidas Footcare kit allows you to take care of your feet during and after exercise.

  • S
  • M
Glisshop Sèche-chaussure Boot and Glove Dryer OverviewGlisshop Sèche-chaussure Boot and Glove Dryer Side Cyber Days
  • £16.29

The Glisshop Boot and Glove Dryer is a small and practical electric shoe dryer. Complete drying of the shoe in only a few hours.

Sidas Foot protector Protection Malleoles OverviewSidas Foot protector Protection Malleoles Side
  • £18.11

The washable and reusable malleolar protection from Sidas is placed in the sock and stays in place during your ski sessions.