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Other glides

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Swallow Alpine Ski Promethium Yellow Femme OverviewSwallow Alpine Ski Promethium Yellow Femme Back EXTRA 15% OFF
Recommended price £152.23
  • From From £76.12
Sizes available
  • 123
+ bindings Salomon Ski set Shortmax 125 + Lithium 10 L90 Black OverviewSalomon Ski set Shortmax 125 + Lithium 10 L90 Black Back
Recommended price £295.59
  • From From £223.91

The Shortmax 125 from Salomon is a short ski with only one objective: loads of fun! A real toy made to link turns and tricks!

Sizes available
  • 125
Faction Monoski Mono Ski Overview EXTRA 15% OFF
  • From From £627.11
Sizes available
  • 182
Nidecker Monoski The Mono Overview EXTRA 15% OFF
  • From From £447.91
Sizes available
  • 178
  • 188
Snowgunz Monoski Alpine Rocket - 178 OverviewSnowgunz Monoski Alpine Rocket - 178 Base
  • From From £429.99

The Snowgunz Alpine Rocket monoski is ideal to start your practice and progress quickly all over the resort. Available in 178cm and 186cm

Sizes available
  • 168
  • 178
  • 186
Snowgunz Monoski Easy Ski 169-topSnowgunz Monoski Easy Ski 179-top
  • From From £340.39

The Snowgunz Easy Ski 169 will please beginners who want to discover monoski with a playful and forgiving model. Its size will suit all kinds of riders.

Sizes available
  • 169
Snowgunz Monoski Flake Shot 178-topSnowgunz Monoski Flake Shot 188-top
  • From From £429.99

The Snowgunz Flake Shot monoski is incredibly nimble and performant on powder all while being accessible, it will please a large number of riders who want to discover monoski.

Sizes available
  • 178
  • 188


What to choose to practice another sliding sport?

Over the years, skiing and snowboarding have undergone several changes. From straight skiing to parabolic skiing, other styles have emerged such as freeride, freestyle or freeskiing. As for snowboarding, it was designed to be an alpine alternative to skiing before becoming a true state of mind in its own right. We all know these two great classics of our stations, but what about the other disciples?

In the late 1970s, before the advent of snowboarding, an alien from the United States appeared: the monoski. A sliding sport that is practiced with both feet facing the slope and perfectly parallel. With a large skid width, it is particularly suitable for powder snow and bumpy fields. It was especially popularized in the 1980s thanks to the films Apocalypse Snow 1, 2 and 3. Today, it is rarer to see mono skiers but some nostalgic people show their walkman and their multi-coloured suit to practice this beautiful discipline. So why not you? Brands like Snowgunz still make mono skis by integrating modern technologies and keeping a retro chic look.

Already more popular in the resorts, mini skis, or short skis, are ultra-manageable, accessible and very playful models for a maximum of sensations without getting carried away. This discipline is practiced with short skis that are very easy to transport and without poles. This type of skiing has the advantage of being very easy and quick to learn for pure skiing sensations from the first day. If you are looking for handling above all at the expense of control and stability then you have come to the right place! In the brands, there are alpine giants such as Salomon, Swallow or Elan.

Other sliding concepts are gradually gaining ground in resorts such as snow kick or more commonly known as snow scooters, but these are not electric. With this type of model, it's immediate and fun to get started! No need to explain how it works, it drives like a classic scooter and promises extraordinary sliding sensations. It is more dedicated to children or adults who want to slide down the slopes by performing freestyle tricks. The Stiga brand offers very practical and efficient folding models.

other glides

You know skateboarding but do you know snow skate? Take a skate, remove the wheels and you get a snowskate. The goal is to regain the same sliding sensations with the possibility of performing the same tricks. Designed for riders who want to have fun on the street as soon as the snow falls, this board is designed for fun. The Stiga brand makes very good and very solid models to handle jumps.

Not very popular but very fun, the paret, or yooner, is a small wooden or plastic sled for the modern versions, which allows you to run down the slopes in a very playful way low on the ground. The TSL brand offers very modern yooner models with a focus on comfort and sliding pleasure. There is even a brake to keep control in tricky situations.

Now that you have been offered all these choices of mini skis, mono skis or other fun skis, get ready for this winter!