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Cross-country ski bag

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Simon Fourcade Nordic Nordic ski bag Simon Fourcade Nordic OverviewSimon Fourcade Nordic Nordic ski bag Simon Fourcade Nordic Back Discontinued


Sizes available
  • 190
  • 210
Madshus Nordic boot bag Boot Bag OverviewMadshus Nordic boot bag Boot Bag Back Discontinued

The Madshus Boot Bag is very practical for travelling. It can hold a pair of boots and some small accessories if needed.

KV+ Nordic ski bag Big Trolley Ski Bag 208cm Overview
Recommended price £133.50

The KV+ Big Trolley Ski Bag 208cm can hold up to 8 pairs of skis. Mounted on wheels it allows you to move easily with your equipment.


What type of cross-country ski bag should I buy?

This is one of the simplest choices you'll make in your cross-country ski outfit. The choice of your bag depends above all on the number of pairs of skis you have, and whether you want to be able to transport them regularly.

The simple cross-country ski bag 1-2 to 3 pairs :

This type of bag is ideal for occasional or regular cross-country skiers who only have one or two pairs of skis. Most of them have a full zip and a carrying handle. Some bags, such as Fischer's for example, can be adjusted in terms of length. A zip allows you to increase the size from 190cm to 210cm to fit classic skis. Be careful however, a bag does not exempt you from ski attachments, these allow you to avoid shocks between the skis that cause scratches on the soles. It is therefore important to always be equipped with these ties before storing the skis in the bags.

Another detail, if you use classic waxing skis, it is advisable to have two different bags, because even with the attachments, the wax can flow and end up on your skis and skating soles. For those who use classic cross-country skis with skins or scales there is no problem.

Prices can vary from 20 to 50€ depending on the options.

The cross-country ski bag 10 to 15 pairs :

This type of bag is generally used by competitors who have several pairs of skis depending on the conditions. Some are equipped with wheels for easy transport on foot in airports for example and others are simpler but with a large volume to put a maximum of pairs of skis.

As with the simpler bags you should avoid putting classic waxing skis and skating skis in the same bag if you do not want to have to clean all the skating skis when you take them out of the bag.

Prices can vary from 75 to 150€ depending on the options.

The choice of bag really depends on your own cross-country skiing and the number of pairs you have at home and want to carry. If it's a solo or family practice, if you often go in a group or if you regularly travel with your equipment.

And if you don't know what to choose, our team of experts is always on hand to help you find the product that best suits your needs, so don't hesitate to contact them by email, chat or phone!