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Men's gloves

Gentlemen, if you need a few tips for choosing your gloves, Glisshop is here to help!

There is nothing worse than having cold or numb fingers when skiing! In order to deal with the cold efficiently, it is important to be adapt your equipment to your riding style and to the conditions you may encounter in the mountain. To help you, we have a large selection of gloves, mittens and 3-finger mitts for men so that every skier, snowboarder or tourer can find what he needs. The Dakine gloves in particular are super comfy! With Glisshop.co.uk, you’ll never feel cold again!

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Buyer’s guide for a pair of ski and snowboard gloves for men.

A nice day in a resort it’s a day with good snow conditions but it’s also a day when you don’t feel cold. For this, it’s important to choose a pair of ski gloves that feels warm, comfortable and convenient. It must protect you from the cold without compromising your fingers mobility.

What type of gloves for men you need to get to feel good?

The lower the temperature, the colder the body gets, especially body ends. This is why when you start feeling cold, it’s your fingers or your toes that you feel first. If you don’t do anything, your body will. It will slow down the blood flow or even stop it completely in the sensitive parts. When you start exercising again, blood returns and this is when it gets painful.

In order to avoid this, you need to reduce heat loss. Start with wearing a beanie. Indeed, your head is where the thermic exchange is the most important. Then come the feet which you can protect with good socks and boots and finally, the hands. This is when gloves enter the game. Men’s gloves at the entry of the range have an excellent value for money and are perfectly suitable if you ski when conditions are sunny.

However, if you ski regardless of the conditions and if temperature gets below 0°C, then you may need more serious protections on your hands. Wearing a technical pair of gloves is advisable. Better look for high-end products coated with waterproof and windproof materials and offering good thermal insulation.

Should I get gloves or mittens?

Both have their strengths and weaknesses. A pair of men’s gloves offers optimal agility allowing precise gestures like adjusting boots, closing your jacket or hold your ski poles. However, having each finger free from each other causes a heat loss. Of course, manufacturers keep improving materials and use modern technologies to provide optimal insulation. It is the best solution for spending a great day on the slopes.

However, if you don’t move a lot and stand in the cold, you probably want mittens instead of gloves. They provide a better insulation with more heat retention thanks to a bigger air volume inside. Ski mittens are warmer, but they compromise your mobility. It’s harder to grab objects and do precise things with your hands. Basically, mitts are the best protections if you wait in the snow while your child is at ski school or if you are a mountain explorer and you’re used to face extreme conditions.

Lately, we’ve seen new products appear like 3-finger mittens. They offer an improved mobility compared to regular mitts and a better heat retention than gloves. They are an excellent compromise for those who always feel cold even with premium gloves.

Discover our men’s glove corner and pick yours through the many models available.