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BCA Beacon package Ts Rescue Package Set OverviewBCA Beacon package Ts Rescue Package Set Back
Recommended price £268.71
BCA Beacon package T3 Rescue Package Set Black Orange OverviewBCA Beacon package T3 Rescue Package Set Black Orange Back
Recommended price £313.51
Pieps Beacon package PIEPS SET POWDER BT OverviewPieps Beacon package PIEPS SET POWDER BT Back
Recommended price £322.47
Pieps Beacon package Set Micro Race - Sans OverviewPieps Beacon package Set Micro Race - Sans Overview
Recommended price £331.43


Your beacon package buying guide

To make the most of the puff and enjoy incredible off-piste sessions, you must be equipped with some proper mountain safety equipment. The transceiver, probe and snow shovel trio is unmissable. Only the alliance of these three elements will allow you to give assistance to someone who fell prey to an avalanche. Of course, you can buy them separately if you are looking for something in particular but it would be a shame to miss the preferential rates on our beacon packages. At Glisshop, with the help of our mountain-security specialist, we're offering you affordable Arva packages with different combinations of accessories and devices. From the most economical one to the top-of-the-range version, with Glisshop each and everyone of you will be able to find the package it needs all while benefiting from interesting discounts on this indispensable set of security elements.

Arva beacon packages

Pioneer in the field, the ARVA brand has quite literally invented the avalanche beacon. Since its creation in the early 90's, the ARVA products have never ceased to evolve and improve always in search of more efficacity. At Glisshop, you will find beacon packages with the most modern and popular devices of the brand such as the ARVA EVO 4 or the brand-new ARVA NEO+.

Mammut beacon packages

The very-trendy Mammut brand has launched its range of mountain-security equipment successfully and proposes sophisticated transceivers, probes and shovels. The Mammut beacon packages with the most success are of course the ones integrating Barryvox and Barryvox S, formidable avalanche search devices that rank high in most of the technical tests.

Ortovox beacon packages

Always at the leading-edge of research on avalanche risk review since the 80's, the Ortovox brand offers effective and intuitive models like the Zoom+ or the 3+. Sold with well-know shovels and probes, these complete packages meet more and more success each year.

Your tailor-made package

In case you do not find your happiness amongst our numerous ready-to-use beacon packages, we're also proposing you to create your own customised ARVA package while still enjoying our preferential rates. You pick each element of the package: transceiver, probe, shovel and you might want to add a air bag with a few accessories. To do so, we're awaiting you on the page.