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Classic roller skis

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+ bindings IDT Classic Rm2 OverviewFischer Rollerski Classic 10% off
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The Men's Cross-Country Roller Ski IDT Classic RM2 is an excellent model of classic wheel skis that allows for high-quality technical work.

+ bindings L'Ess Skiroll Modulo NIS Fischer Rollerski Classic
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What is a classic roller ski set?

A classic roller ski set consists of a pair of roller skis and a pair of bindings. Just as for winter skis, roller skis require bindings, without them it is impossible to ski. We recommend to invest directly in a classic roller ski set.

Is a classic roller ski different from a skate roller ski?

Yes, firstly as the wheels are not the same, classic wheels are wider as the movement is axial and not lateral, just like if you were in tracks in winter. Secondly because classic skis feature wheels (most of the time at the back) with an anti-reverse system, as without it, it would be impossible to move forward. Lastly, the frames are generally longer.

Are cross-country and roller ski bindings different?

This depends on the bindings chosen in your set, on most of the sets we offer the bindings are exclusively designed for roller skiing. Roller ski bindings are generally screwed or integrated to the rail system.

Why a classic roller ski set?

  • 1 A set is sold and build by ourselves in our workshop, you have nothing to do upon reception.
  • 2 A roller ski pair bought by itself, without binding by choosing the set option will not be put together in our workshop.
  • 3 For summer or more generally off-season classic training.

For summer training or a more leisure-oriented use, the best choice is to invest in a set, this allows you to have an equipment that is ready to use and already assembled.

Is additional equipment required for classic roller skiing?

Yes indeed, roller skiing requires additional equipment, for technical and safety purposes.

For classic roller skiing you will need:

  • A pair of classic cross-country ski boots
  • A pair of appropriate size cross-country skiing poles (30 cm bellow your size) and with roller skiing tips, the tips from winter poles are not made of the same material and are not as durable.
  • A cycling style helmet is absolutely required for the discipline
  • Sunglasses for your visual comfort and also for safety if you are roller skiing in a group

In what circumstances and where can I roller ski?

Your skill level will influence the measures to take regarding your safety and the safety or other users. It is recommended to train on cycle paths or roller ski paths if there are some near you, to avoid traffic accidents.

You can also roller ski on quiet country roads, if you have some experience to have the technical skills to react in traffic.

Can I classic roller ski outside of roads or paved surfaces?

The models we sell are made for classic Nordic ski training, they are designed to replicate the technique and gestures of classic style. As a consequence, they are exclusively made to roll on pavement and should never be used on gravel or dirt paths. Both in terms of safety and technique you should absolutely avoid this type of paths on which the skis will simply not roll or very poorly and where the bearings and forks could get damaged.

For novice roller skiers or if you require further information, we are always available to answer your questions via chat, email or phone. Do not hesitate to ask our Nordic ski experts.