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Capita Snowboard Neo Slasher OverviewCapita Snowboard Neo Slasher Back
  • From From £671.91

The Neo Slasher is a Capita freeride splitboard, offering great performance in a wide variety of snow and terrain, as well as a good balance between performance and riding comfort. 

Sizes available
  • 154
  • 158
  • 161
  • 164
Weston Snowboard Backwoods OverviewWeston Snowboard Backwoods Base
  • From From £805.50

Weston's Backwoods is a high-performance splitboard, that offers an excellent flotation and manoeuvrability on powder snow, while maintaining grip and stability on hard snow. 

Sizes available
  • 157W
  • 160W
Weston Snowboard Eclipse OverviewWeston Snowboard Eclipse Base
  • From From £805.50

The Weston Eclipse is a high-performance women's splitboard, with an excellent flotation on powder snow, a good level of flexibility, as well as the grip and stability needed to attack on hard snow.

Sizes available
  • 145
Nitro Snowboard Nomad TopNitro Snowboard Nomad Base
  • From From £447.91

The Nomad is a splitboard developed by Nitro, which stands out in particular for its excellent quality/price ratio but also for its ride comfort and manoeuvrability.

Sizes available
  • 165
Weston Snowboard Riva OverviewWeston Snowboard Riva Base
  • From From £805.50

The Riva is a high-performance women's splitboard developed by the American brand Weston, which offers an answer to seasoned splitboarders and freeride enthusiasts.  

Sizes available
  • 147
  • 151
Weston Snowboard Seeker OverviewWeston Snowboard Seeker Base
  • From From £626.30

The Seeker model from Weston is a women's splitboard that is efficient on all types of snow, easy to handle, stable and safe. It's the ideal splitboard for beginners.  

Sizes available
  • 153
Lib Tech Snowboard Split Brd OverviewLib Tech Snowboard Split Brd Back
  • From From £761.51

The Split BRD from Lib Tech Snowboards is a splitboard destined to advanced riders who want to enjoy the hills far off the crowded pistes!

Sizes available
  • 162W
Weston Snowboard Switchback OverviewWeston Snowboard Switchback Base
  • From From £626.30

The Switchback model from Weston is a men's splitboard that offers a great performance on all types of snow while maintaining a safe level of accessibility and manoeuvrability.  

Sizes available
  • 168


Guide to buying a splitboard :

More and more fashionable, the splitboard is becoming more and more popular, the equipment evolves from year to year and the board manufacturers multiply the models to satisfy an ever growing clientele. As a result, the choice becomes more and more complex and it becomes more and more difficult to find your way around. Should I choose a split in 2 parts or a splitboard in 4 parts ? Which board rocker is the most adapted, which rigidity is needed ? And how do the bindings work ? The questions are numerous. That's why at Glisshop we have prepared this little splitboard tutorial that should help you to see more clearly and to help you choose the split of your dreams. And of course, if you have any doubts or technical questions, don't hesitate to ask one of our splitboard specialists for advice.

Which splitboard brands to choose?

At Glisshop we offer you 5 great brands of splitboards that have already made beautiful lines on the most mythical slopes. You will have the choice between the inevitable Jones splitboards that everyone knows, the Nitro splitboards that have some under the sole, the Plum splitboards made in France as well as the Rossignol and Salomon splitboards that have largely proven their worth in recent years.