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Men's boots

Looking for a new pair of men's snowboard boots?

Having a good pair of snowboard boots is as important as having a good snowboard! Glisshop has what it takes to get your expectations fulfilled with a large range of boots for men suited for all levels. Brands never stop improving their products and keep bringing innovations onto the market. More performance, better closure systems, more comfort...Forgiving boots for beginners to more responsive and precise boots for experienced riders, we have them all. Check out our selection of snowboard boots

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You have no clue about how to choose your new snowboard boots

For some riders, buying a new pair of boots can be a pain. This is why it is important to define your needs first. What are your priorities, your budget, your riding style, which look you prefer...With those in mind, you’ll save time. Here are three tips that will make your selection easier.

What are your snowboarding skills?

More than your style (freestyle, freeride or piste), your skills will help you define the boots you need. The stiffness of the boot, its reactivity, precision and support will be totally different on an entry-level boot and on an expert one. An entry-level boot is more forgiving, more flexible, perfectly suited for beginners or occasional riders as it provides a more effortless riding. A more experienced rider will need more energy return and more powerful energy transmissions. This is what a high-end boot will provide.

Define your riding style

You won’t necessarily ride the same boots if you spend most of your time in the park or if you like charging hard and fast on or off piste. Make sure you know what are your expectations in terms of stiffness and technical features. Note that there are ultra-specific boots available. Mostly designed for freeriders, they feature specific outsoles (Vibram) offering added traction, an ultra-light and waterproof construction and / or a breathable liner.

Pay attention to the closure system: quick lacing, traditional lacing or boa system?

The closure system is a crucial element of a boot. There are several types available on the market:
- The quick lacing has become the most utilised system in the snowboard industry. It is light, it is efficient, durable and convenient. Each brand has developped its own system. Some of them have a system allowing to adjust upper and lower parts of the boot independantly from each other.
- The Boa system is basically a steel wire that runs through the boot, connected to a reel that you need to spin for tightening the boot. Very convenient, this system is also very reliable. It offers a consistent hold and remains adjusted all day. Available in single or double version (upper and lower parts separated) or in Boa Focus (the two wires connect on the instep to reinforce heel lock).
- The traditional lacing system has its fans too. It is a system that remains reliable and highly customisable as you can really adjust the parts where you want it tighter or looser. Brands have improved it to enhance the hold provided. Some feature blocking systems, straps or heel retention systems.